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  • Day344

    Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland

    May 14, 2017 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Packing up a wet tent this morning...manky. :(

    Cycling in the rain....manky :(

    Cycling towards the alps....awesome. :)

    Crossing into Austria to country 3 of our trip....awesome. :)

    Avoiding huge rain by sheltering under a border crossing point and watching the car drivers smile at us as they drove past....pretty awesome. :D

    Eating crispbreads, nuts, bread, chocolate and cheese all day because a)its sunday and shops are shut, b)this part of the world is outrageously expensive and we can't justify 15 CHF for a piece of toast!
    Mix of manky and awesome :l

    Crossing into Liechtenstein - awesome :) (country 4!)

    Realising Liechtenstein is just a stupidly expensive version of Germany...meh, we knew that but wanted to go anyway!

    We used the nicest public loo ever in Liechtenstein and left lots of our rubbish in the bin. Happy not to have paid any extortionate contributions to tax for the privilege!
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