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  • Day402

    Royal Bath Day for Prince Peter

    July 11, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Waking up to the sound of rain in the morning creates two feelings:-
    - mmmm! weather enforced lie-in! Snooze the alarm until the rain stops :)
    -Shhhh.. .. wet tent to pack :(

    Today's rain was particularly relentless, we had dried and packed all but the outer tent when the next downpour began. We moved into the newly-vacated shelter box to ride out the storm and to try and pack the tent. The nice part about our late departure was meeting a Danish walker, Jesper, who kindly made us a warm tea and gave us lots of native knowledge- the negative part was waiting until 3-30 for breakfast 😊 but when you're travelling you make your own rules which can mean chocolate for breakfast or 2 ice creams back to back. (Rules made by Peter Haupt).

    The rain stayed with us into the afternoon so we decided to turn in to one of the closer "legeplads" (the primitive free campsites). It was a good find, a handful of tents and an empty shelter box! We laid claim to the box and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to our very cool 63 year old swedish camp neighbour , Mai, - travelling solo on a shopping bike (no gears!) with trailer. Despite being unable to help fulfil her herbal supply chain needs, she provided us with lots of useful info about these free campsites throughout Denmark. She also helpfully informed us of the availabilty of a warm shower down the road..., after i'd spent a cold ten minutes hopping about in the forest behind our shelterbox, washing my hair (with "hot" water Peter mixed into the cannister from the stove) 😨!

    Prince Peter then adjusted the shower making procedure and enjoyed a beautiful warm shower, fit for a king. I'm not jealous at all! ;)

    Goodnight from the spider box, in a field, up a hill, half way down Denmark!!.
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