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  • Day 73

    Experiencing the Uyuni desert

    December 20, 2017 in Bolivia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    After the initial skepticism regarding the weather, it turned out the be a really good day. As all 3-day tours we first left for the old train cemetery from the 19th century when the trains were used to transport minerals out of the desert.

    This was also the first stop where we also got to know our group better - 2 cars with 8 people - and our very engaging and knowledgeable guide, Gonzalo Gonzalez, started the explanations.

    We then continued for the salt production town of Kolchani where we visited a model factory for salt and learned a lot about the hardships for local people.

    Then, we really drove into the desert, biked a bit, had lunch and took the famous perspective-betraying pictures. Our selection is in the photos attachments ;-)

    Afterwards, we visited two oasis, one with a lot of cacti and the other with a lot of caves. Both really nice and also great to be able to walk around for some time in our own.

    Then, it was still not over, we drove on for a great spot to see the sunset and ... at the direction of our guide Gonzalo took some more perspective and fireball photos :-)

    The day ended in a salt hotel with a nice dinner with the whole group and stories by Gonzalo about vehicles lost in the desert whom he was sent to find.
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