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  • Day195

    Greek Islands Day 4: Hydra

    July 14, 2015 in Greece

    Today we were in no rush to reach Hydra, so we had breakfast while docked in ____ before meeting up with the other boats at the rock jumping lunch location.

    There is an area on the way to Hydra, where all the Medsailors boats pull up for lunch. You can go swimming, paddle boarding and there is a 10m high rock face to jump off. Not one to risk life injuries I stayed safely in the water and paddled around while watching the others face the big challenge. Some jumped right off with no concerns. Others needed much coaxing to let go of the safety barrier. (Note a metaophrre here, there was no such thing as as safety barrier haha)

    It was a beatiful day as per usual and lunch was a pasta dish. After several swims and jumps we headed back on board the boat and towards Hyrda. Being so small and expensive we are unable to pull up in the marina. Instead we dock around the side in a small cove and have to either swim to shore, take our little blow up dingy or pay for the water taxi.

    Hydra usess donkeys are their only mode of transport on the island. Very few areas of the island are developed and most is natural landscape. Tonight we take the water taxi and head into the small town. The highlight of being here is watching the sunset over the islands and sea.

    Our first stop is the recommended restaurant for more giros. I opt for a cheese pie or saganki, which doesn't come with spinach, this time around. As we walk through the town and the shops towards the sunset bar. I notice one cafe offering freshly cooked loukamades!!! I make the group wait while I order some and then join them before eating my first batch for the trip - I hope. I ordered mine with honey and walnuts. Although, it was quite delicious, I felt they were too crunchy and did not match Gran's, but still worth it.

    We find seats at the sunset bar and watch as another day closes on our Greek Island adventure. This evening's activities are drinks on board and card games.
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