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  • Day11

    Honningsvag (For North Cape), Norway

    June 25, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Honningsvåg is the Northernmost city in Europe. Located in the Arctic Circle this area was entirely in ice 10,000 years ago. The glaciers carved out spectacular cliffs and beautiful fjords.
    Though inhabited for thousands of years it only became a city in 1996 and is just 1300 miles from the North Pole. Due to its wind swept location in the Arctic Circle trees rarely grow here.
    Our tour began with a 50 minute bus ride to Nordkapp. Along the way we stopped at an outpost of the indigenous Sami people. North Cape is the point where the Norwegian Sea meets the Barents Sea.
    North Cape Hall, located on top of North Cape Cliffs (which are 1000 feet tall) gave us amazing views of the Arctic Ocean. A 180 degree panoramic film about the ever changing North Cape seasons depicted how much snow they receive in winter and how they live with it. We saw children bundled up in snow bound playgrounds and people commuting on their snow mobiles.
    It takes a hearty person to live in this rugged remote part of the world.
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    Lynne Petersen

    I think we could use a little of your cold weather. Another melting day here....