July - August 2019
  • Day28

    Day 28

    July 31, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Home time today, out of bed at 6 to a slight frost and on the road by 7 and heading south through the lake towns of lake Boga and lake Charm and then into Kerang, right turn onto the Loddon Valley highway and made our way down to Serpintine, we then took a short cut on to the Calder highway to divert around Bendigo, 30 minutes and we are on the Calder Freeway making our way into the City. Stopped for a cuppa at a truck stop near Woodend then back on the road and over the Bolte bridge, through the tunnel and out to the Officer truck stop for Maccas lunch, had a good run through the city and once we got out a bit further we got back to little traffic and made good time, gave the caravans a toot at Rosedale free camp on the way past and we made it home just before 3.
    Great to back and see everyone, straight into cow jobs, drinks with Nan tonight, kitty was more than happy to have her house back.
    We had a great trip, met lots of people and went to lots of new places, the 79 series performed excellent and had plenty of power to pull the van.
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  • Day27

    Day 27

    July 30, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Wow how cold gotta love Victoria’s weather, only 13 degrees today with a very fresh breeze, suited up with some warm clothes and headed off to the Pioneer Settlement for the day. What an amazing display of old time gone by it is a small town with working blacksmith, wood turning, printers, lollie shop and music shop. A big display of old machinery and buildings fully replicating the old way things were done. Had a good chat with the blacksmith who showed me how to make a few things and some good tips and advice on metal working, had morning tea and lunch at the cafe which was good and then in the afternoon we went on a paddle steamer ride on the PYAP on the Murray River, no longer steam driven it is powered by a Diesel engine but still gives you the idea of how long it took to get any where or wait for supplies to come down the river, things are way easier now, spent most of the day there with no problems, in the van for a few drinks tonight will do a mini pack up ready for an early morning getaway tomorrow ⏰Read more

  • Day26

    Day 26

    July 29, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Early start this morning after a super quiet night, on the road at 7:15 back on the dirt for a bit and then into the Menindee town ship, more dirt for about 60 kms before we are finally back on the black top for good just north of Pooncarie. Started to get some light rain as we finished airing up the tyres and it continued into Mildura, stopped on the side of the road just out of town for a cuppa, took the Sturt highway to Robinvale then onto the Murray Valley Highway as the rain got going, rained well all the way and we found a spot just north of Tooleybuc to have lunch, back on the road and the rain stopped just as we arrived at Swan Hill our stop for the night at the river side caravan park. Setup the van and then went for a drive around town and a walk along the Main Street, pretty much your large country town similar to home with all the things you need.
    Weather has turned only 14 degrees back to Victoria and reality, will be no drinks outside tonight got the heater on in the van adjusting to the change, nice to see the rain here and the crops look good that we went past, cottage pie for dinner and a few drinks 👍
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  • Day25

    Day 25

    July 28, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Had a great night around the fire pot on the banks of the Darling river and the jaffles were fantastic, lots of barking dogs on the other side of the river last night but slept ok anyway, off this morning heading west following the Darling river stopped in at the Tilpa weir for a look and then into Tilpa township not much here just the pub but very nice would stop here next time rather than Louth, had a cuppa and then kept motoring and pulled up at the coach and horses camp ground right on a bend of the river, designated camp sites and a fee of $6 each per night (nsw parks 🤨) kept on punching away on the dirt to Wilcannia for a fuel top up, back on the Darling river run not bad road with lots of cattle grids, arrived at the Menindee lakes at about 4, very little water in some parts of the lake probs only about 1 % full very sad to see, last time here 2017 the lakes were full and you had a hard time finding a camp, we are the only ones in this spot where there would of been 20 or more last time. Happy hour time looking out over the dry lake bed, got the fire pot out going to cook chicken in the camp oven.Read more

  • Day24

    Day 24

    July 27, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    The Barcaldine butchers schnitzel we had last night was super tender and good, time to pack up and move on this morning, we had to go through Bourke and out on to the Kidman Way for a couple of kms and then a right turn on to the Louth Road following the Darling River along. Good bitumen for a while then gravel road on and off, we stopped around 10 for a cuppa on the side of the road before arriving in Louth around 11, small town with not much other than the pub, spotted some other caravaners and asked them where they are camped, on there advice we headed across the river and found the town common camp area not too bad right on the river but no ammenities at all, you can walk to the pub for toilets and shower if needed.
    Setup and had a walk around the town of Louth not much to see, got a an ice cream at the pub and went back to camp for the avo.
    Happy hour time so across the bridge to the pub for a can and then back to camp to light the fire pot and a few more drinks overlooking the Darling river, jaffles on the fire tonight yum 😋
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  • Day23

    Day 23

    July 26, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Up this morning to our first cloudy ⛅️ day since we left home, pretty cool but still heading for 20 degrees, catch-up day today, washing to do so we have enough clothes for the run home and then into Bourke for a look at the old port and stationary engine, a walk around the street and the few shops that are in the Main Street, very interesting town most of the shops are big with multiple things like the electrical store with Jaycar electronics, all the appliances and stihl chainsaws, mowers etc and most places have roll down shutters or bars on the windows to keep the local country men out.
    Did some shopping at IGA the vegetables were super fresh and overall a good supply of everything, stopped in at the bakery and got some bread and pasties for lunch 👍 can’t say the same for the custard tart it was ordinary a few bites and it went south. Just chilling this avo doing a few little jobs on the van, happy hour at 4 tonight not as busy here about half the vans as yesterday, giving the Barcaldine butcher a go tonight with beef schnitzel.
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  • Day22

    Day 22

    July 25, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Up early this morning out of bed at 6, alarm went off but the camper trailer that pulled up beside last night had been banging around long before always astounds me when there is a heap of room they camp 5 meters from you go figure 😐 anyways on the road at 7 got a few miles to punch out today, nice camp spot last night but the toilets do badly need an upgrade we put our 5 bucks in the box for the camp fees which is going towards a new toilet block 👍
    Heading south today down the Mitchell highway first stop was Charleville for fuel and then onto Cunnamulla for a cuppa stop, the Qld / Nsw border was next on the list and then we stopped at Enngonia for lunch, back on the road and we arrived at the Kidman Camp caravan park in north Bourke our camp for the next two nights.
    Setup and went into Bourke to grab some grog, always an experience you can’t touch anything its all behind thick perspex and a little hole like the banks used to be to pass it out to you, but the bonus was they had bearded lady bourbon good old IGA.
    Back at camp and we took a walk down to the Darling River, very low and doesn’t look like it’s flowing, chasing the last bit of sun sitting outside having a drink or two, bbq on the baby Q for dinner going to be cold here tonight 🤓👍
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  • Day21

    Day 21

    July 24, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Up early this morning packed up by 7:30 and up to the top to fill up with water and empty the loo, round to the recycling bins and then we are off heading west to Blackall, good road pretty much dual width bitumen all the way with plenty of bumps. Stopped in Blackall to get bread and have a walk around, good shopping with all the things you would need, big free camp by the river super busy.
    Went out the road a bit and pulled up for morning tea, then kept on tracking to Tambo and then we stopped at a station entrance for lunch before pulling up for the day at Augathella around 1:30.
    Place is a lot tidier than a few years ago had a wander around good supermarket and butcher, big camp $5 donation no water in the river.
    Had the usual drink at the local watering hole, back at camp having a few more and listening to a some tunes, enjoying the warm weather while it lasts as we make our way south, chicken parmigiana for tea, lots in the camp now ⛺️
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  • Day20

    Day 20

    July 23, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Decided to stay another day, the weather is so good heading for a top of 27 and still down into the single figures overnight for sleeping, had breakfast then went out the Stonehenge road to find some firewood, the good old stihl battery saw did the job on the hard gidgie timber, cut up lengths to throw on the canopy roof which is aluminium checker plate great idea from the boys at Trig Point and full tie rails all round 👍
    Had to do the water run as well filled up the Jerry’s and pumped them in to the van with the 12volt bilge pump, too easy.
    Walked into town and did a few laps around some of the back streets, tidy little town very quiet not much activity.
    Had to make up something to clean the solar panel in the middle of the van so the broom and my sand flag poles did the job got another .5 of an amp 👍 Teresa had a slack day and watched the midday movie while a started packing a few things away, headed to the pub but it was packed due to a funeral in town so wandered back to the van for happy hour, got the fire pot cranked up and cooking jaffles tonight, a few more vans in camp but most have gone out the other side for the fishing comp this weekend.
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    Kim Schick

    Where are you heading? We plan to get to Birdsville Sunday arvo I think. Will head out to Simpson and do the Hay River track then turn left onto the plenty highway. Planning on East McDonnell ranges, Ruby Gap and stuff.

    Craig Tese Adventures

    Probs not near you guys we heading south on Friday down the Darling river

  • Day19

    Day 19

    July 22, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Monday morning on the Barcoo, sun is shining didn’t get too cold overnight not a cloud in the sky heading for 26 today, into town to do some washing at the laundry but Monday must be wash day it was flat out so back to camp for a cuppa, wandered back up at lunch just had to wait for some ferals and we finally got the washing done.
    Absolutely magic day sitting back in the avo reading and surfing the net, walked to the pub for a drink and a chat to the publican Ken, and a bloke from Orbost who camps here for about 4 months, no one up here drinks iron jack so Ken gave Teresa the 3 stubbies he found in the back of the beer fridge to take home.
    Back at camp for extended happy hour, pork chop and sausages on the Weber for dinner around the fire pot 👍👍
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