February 2021
  • Day3

    Day 3

    February 21 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Another great night camping in the high county cooled down nicely for sleeping, bacon and eggs for breakfast cooked up Jane and cafe style brekky plate couldn’t get much better out in the bush.
    Time to start the pack up, a quick morning cuppa with Jane before she set off home and we continued on only takes 1/2 hour or so with the van to get ready to go everything was a bit wet so took a little more time to dry thinks out before we hit the road for the trip home.
    Was looking like a great sunny day in the high county but as we made our way home the cloud got thick and was cooler but still humid, back home all unpacked and a quick dust wash off all good.
    Another great weekend on the Dargo river, thanks to Jane for the overnight visit we all had a great time 🥃🤓👍
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  • Day2

    Day 2

    February 20 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Was a quiet night at camp with the sound of the river flowing past, had breakfast then went for a drive into Dargo to check phone messages.
    Back at camp and the day was warming up, stayed under the shade of the caravan awning while Teresa did some colouring and I did a bit of reading.
    Nachos was on the menu for lunch then Craig got a quick haircut and then into the river for a swim was very nice.
    Jane arrived around 3 and got the gooseneck setup, lots of thunder and then a bit of rain, steak on the Weber and drinks and laughs under the awning as the rain set in for a bit, great night once again 👍👍
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  • Day1

    Day 1

    February 19 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Was a last minute decision last night to pack up and head off to Dargo for a couple of days after the lockdown announcement Wednesday to say we are free again, got away at 11 and made our way into the hills no rush, got through Dargo then right onto the upper Dargo road, Italian flat camp was super busy so off to Ollie’s and there was only one camper here so found a nice spot right on the river.
    Set up camp and had a swim in the river as it was a hot day, got into the bevies around 3 and chilled out of the sun chasing the shade till sunset and then it cooled down nicely, had warm chicken salad for tea and a few more drinks was an early night in bed by 9:30 to the sound of the river🤓👍
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