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  • Day2

    End of the Day at Hofn

    February 7, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ -4 °C

    One of the last stops for photography for today was an impromptu visit onto a beach of pebbles. We saw a couple of cars there and the views were of a frozen tidal area with snow covered mountains as a backdrop. It was a pebble beach hardened by the frozen conditions and as the cars were there we judged it safe to join them. Wrong! The car embedded itself into the snow and pebbles where the ice was not so hard and we feared we were stuck, even in a 4x4. Okay, so it is embarrassing to drive a cleaning cloth, but that Duster made a clean job of getting us free. Or was it just Rob's driving skills were polished?

    After retreating to a safe part of the beach we took a few photos and this panorama was one of them. Phones can do clever things these days.

    We stopped once more in the fading light to capture some sunset colours and the very last light of the day. It was then only 10 minutes to our next overnight stop in Hofn where once again it's lovely and warm and our hosts so friendly. We ate at a restaurant just over the road and had an excellent meal, eating langoustine caught locally ... by that red boat by the way.

    Tomorrow promises to be good weather too and even a remote chance of some aurora activity if we're extremely lucky. Will we be? Who knows.
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    Gaye Belle

    You have a rainbow or do you call it a 'Snowbow' in your pic, nice one!

    Elaine Stanley

    Does this mean I will have more than 15 photos to look at this time :) !!!!!