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  • Day17

    Cruise Cancelled !!

    January 25, 2014 in Puerto Rico ⋅ 🌙 72 °F

    Well this is a first for me, the CDC have cancelled the rest of the cruise, and we are now not going to St Maarten, we are heading straight back to Bayonne, New Jersey, for sanitizing.
    There will be compensation etc, but we've not yet been told what it will be.
    Also we're not sure what's going to happen to us back to backers, we don't know if we'll be doing the second cruise or if that's being cancelled also.
    No doubt we'll find out today.
    I will keep you informed.

    P.S. Just watching CNN and a report came on about the sickness on the ship.
    According to the report there are more than 300 people sick that is 280 guests and over 20 staff.
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