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  • Day48

    Alberobello - beautiful tree (& houses!)

    May 18, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌬 14 °C

    After a ‘tense’ drive into the town centre (hungry children/policeman moving us on when we stop to look at the map!), we find a spot to camp right next to the famous Trulli site. There’s definitely a Saturday buzz in the little town, we wander through the world heritage site, these buildings are amazing.

    Built with little cone roofs in the 15th century - so that the poorer people that lived in these parts could find out when the tax men were coming, remove the top stone meaning the roofs collapsed and avoid the house taxes - with no roof, they weren’t houses after all. They could then rebuild the ‘mushroom roofs’ as Amelia called them, in just one day.

    Many of the little buildings are now shops, ice cream shops and cafes, as you go into each, you can still see where bedrooms, kitchen stoves and living areas would have been. We find a souvenir shop in what was the smallest house in the area..a tiny corner building where a family of 7 once lived.

    We enjoy a pizza (although Nic managed to order one with iceberg lettuce on?!) and wine ( case is noisy where we’re staying!) and get a good nights sleep before we visit again the next morning for breakfast ice cream!

    Many of the tiny shops are full of good quality items, and everything we’ve found in this town has been so reasonably priced for world heritage. It’s been a lovely visit!
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    Zoe Hicks

    Looks fab, on your recommendation we are heading there tomorrow ❤️ Hope the trip has continued well x