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  • Day120

    Andernos-les-bains - Oysters galore!

    July 29, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 0 °C

    We find a camping aire at the side of the bassin in the hope of finding some good seafood...the smell as we pull in tells us we’re in the right place!

    It’s a great stopover for the night as it’s inexpensive (well actually, free, as the payment machine is broken) and right on the side of the Bassin.

    We go to explore and find a lovely sandy park and then rows of oyster farm shops.

    There are tiny little sandy beaches where the sea is warm and the sand underneath is squidgy, a new experience for the children, they have a splash to cool off, Coen is not so sure about the green slimy seaweed though!

    After finding out how they grow the oysters (which takes 2.5 years) we check out the restaurants for a fish dinner and get a good recommendation from a local farmer.

    After Coen’s nap time, we head down to the white sandy beach at the headland and Nic gets some oysters from the guys who told us how they farm them, and we sit on the beach to eat them, Amelia even tries one but isn’t convinced by the saltiness!

    We go to the restaurant that was recommended and enjoy an amazing meal, and Coen managed to stay sat in his seat for the entire meal for the first time in 4 months. The children enjoy a lovely meal finished with candy floss ice cream. Nic enjoys a lovely Monk Fish dish and I have a St Jaques risotto (scallops) which is amazing and has her biggest scallops ever. We finish with the special pudding - Cafe Gourmaund - 10 mini desserts on one plate!

    Again we leave early in the morning (well 10am is now our early) to see the tip of the headland, Cap Feret.

    We drive through little seaside traditional French towns and villages to find the only car park we can fit in. A short walk up to the head land, although you can no longer walk the whole way as much of this coast is being protected and tiny dunes are being replanted. We get beautiful views back over the dune where we were a few days ago, and out into the choppy waters at the mouth of the bassin and into the Atlantic.
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