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  • Day121

    Le Porge Ocean

    July 30, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 0 °C

    We decide to make one last stop before our next ‘holiday’ at a place that Nic and I visited years ago for a holiday. We can’t quite decide if this is definitely the place but there is a camping aire about 1km from the beach and it’s cheap and even has electricity. As we pull in we recognise the campsite that we’d stayed at, so we have a look around, let the children scoot free for a bit and then load them into the croozer to head down to the beach.

    There is a small boardwalk of restaurants and surf hires that lead to the beach, and we arrive at high tide in high winds. The sea is a mass of white, bubbly mush. Not a day for the children to mess about in the water. We enjoy some frisbee, and Nic and I both have a ‘swim’ in the waves separately! It’s such a strong currant here, the big waves push in and wash all the children playing in the sea 30-50m up the beach, and the waves push right up to us as we play up away from the sea.

    On the walk back to the campsite, we get a bit of free entertainment as the high ropes course is right above our heads, there is a big Spider-Man jump into a cargo net, we watch as a couple approach it, the man flies into it and we wait to see the woman do the same...and we wait..and we wait. It feels like a long time to us, it must feel like eternity to her. We have been stood on the path waiting now so feel like we can’t leave until she jumps, like we’re all in it together!! Eventually she takes the leap, and we make it back to the Moho before dark!

    After 4 months on the road we finally figure out how to get hot water from the shower in our Moho so we can wash the sand off, although our shower is full of ‘stuff’ so we have to hang the shower head out of the window to actually use it!!

    We pack up and leave early in the morning so that we can get a food shop in and get to our holiday stop in good time...
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