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  • Day45

    To Hampi

    January 2, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    In terms of Indian standards the journey today is supposed to be quite short. It should take us about 7 hours depending on if buses align. Normally we would have taken a single overnight bus to Hampi but due to New Years the prices of the bus have quadrupled in price so we decided to take local buses instead. We have to take 3 buses but hopefully it should be pretty smooth.

    At 5am our dreaded alarms went off and got up and ready to begin our journey. First we walked across the beach and then up the steep hill. We jumped into a tuk tuk to town and then took a bus at 6:45am to Kumta. The bus was unbelievably efficient and we arrived spot on 7:30am as expected. We were then told the next bus to Hospet was at 8am so we had a quick Puri Bhaji breakfast before heading back to the bus stand. We waited... And we waited... And we waited... We constantly checked with the bus drivers and it wasn't till 9:15am when a bus driver said there's no 8am bus it's at 9:45am! And at exactly 9:45am a bus arrived and left. Phew. After an hour we stopped pulled into another bus station and I'm not quite sure what happened but all of a sudden our driver got into a fight with another driver! Oh the fun of local buses 😂 We soon headed off again and to be honest apart from the journey being crazy long, we didn't arrive till 5:30pm at Hospet, it was OK. We then had to jump in a tuk tuk as we were going to miss the last boat across to our couch surfing tent. Luckily we arrived just in time, walked for another 35 mins and after being awake for 14 hours we arrived!

    We decided to couch surf in Hampi as there is a guy who has a campsite and just let's out tents to travellers. It's dark now so we can't see much but I'm super excited to wake up and see the surroundings. It seem super remote and beautiful!
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