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  • Day49

    Sickness Strikes Again

    January 6, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    After my attempt of having no alcohol, which I didn't I woke up exerting out of every oraphus. It was not a pretty sight and I was gutted. Yep its happened I have full on Dehli belly... As I have absolutely nothing to talk about for the two days as I just led in a tent feeling sorry for myself I thought I'd invite guest writer Will to speak to write the next two footprints about his fun days out instead. (I'm not jealous at all...)

    Shahna was feeling ill, so had plain paratha in the tent. I walked over to the cafe with the group for late brunch of masala dosa. Sam and Tess has decided to accompany me on the scenic route to the ferry terminal across the boulder fields in Hampi island. Along the way I grabbed bananas for breakfast (tasty, but later a bone of contention) and water and set off. We hiked across the river crossing and through rock formations to sunset point. From this stunning location you can see the rice fields, temples and boulders strewn about the landscape. We watched the views for a long time and ate bananas. Then we found a path down to hippie village (which we had failed to find the day before), and crossed the river by boat.

    In town Sam found something she wanted to try - "goli masala soda". It turns out that this was a mix of lemon, cumin, salt and soda. I joined her in having one. It's not the nicest drink, although it's palatable...

    We then walked to see a monolithic bull statue carved from a single stone and Achyutaraya temple. This is an incredibly atmospheric temple surrounded by boulder fields. With the light dying we sat and contemplated life as the only tourists in the area. We rushed back to get last boat across river. On other side the girls rented two bikes which after a tense negotiation I got 20 percent off. I didn't rent one since wasn't sure what Shahna would be doing.

    Instead girls offered to try a "backie", so with the girls sharing a bike we set off home. We stopped at restaurant on the way for food - I had Thali and sent menu to Shahna who asked for plain egg fried rice. I ordered this for take away and insisted no spice at all, which the chef agreed to. Well, apparently their understanding of no spice means "add plenty of green chillies". Once I got it back to Shahna and delivered it to her tent, we discovered that the rice was, in fact, very spicy and Shahna couldn't eat it. So I asked the restaurant at the campsite for 2 parathas and scrambled eggs. The young chef (of 16 yrs) didn't know how to make scrambled eggs, so I taught him. Eventually Shahna had her meal...of disappointingly undercooked paratha and ok scrambled eggs. Feeling ill, she decided to go to bed. I was about to join her, when one of the other guests Anna invited me to learn how to make Makrame bracelets. Deciding this was a good idea, I sat down and started making a spiral pattern bracelet for Shahna. After an hour or so of work I had an adjustable size bracelet 🙂 Shahna was a little grumpy when I woke her up getting into bed, but was happy once I presented her with her present. At last, time for sleep.
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