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  • Day48

    Scootering around

    January 5, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    This morning was an absolute right off... In the end we got to bed at 2am. We originally got up at 8am but then decided to go back to the tent and have a nap. Finally feeling a bit more alive we did our washing and went for a Thali. It was sooo yummy and just what we needed. Over lunch Rajesh messaged and said he would be coming back to the campground tonight and will be armed with Rum again. 😭 I WILL NOT be drinking tonight.

    The rest of the day was actually surprisingly full packed. We hired a scooter and drove around first to the gorgeous Sanapura lake, then through small villages and rice fields where we stopped a while to bird watch. We saw...... Then we drove round to Anegundi which is a small village with a few ruin temples in. Here we saw parakeets and 2 beautiful Hoobies, they were cool looking birds! For sunrise we drove back to the campground. I was desperate for a lie down so I nodded off for a bit while Will took the bike back and then walked up.

    So glad we had the scooter as the day would have been a right off otherwise. Instead we were able to have a full day out.

    In the evening Rajesh and all his family came to the camp site and everyone began drinking again! I absolutely refused and although I was shamed for it, I didn't care. It was still really good fun and another very very late night. Hopefully this time I can wake up and feel human!
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