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    • Day6

      Richtung Budapest auf Umwegen

      September 23 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Nach dem Frühstück draußen vorm Camper, aber schön in der Sonne, fuhren wir nach Györ. Ein Parkplatz in Zentrumsnähe war schnell gefunden und so hatten wir gar nicht viel zu tun, um die so schön sanierte Altstadt zu erleben. Gleich auf der Brücke über die Raab hatten wir einen malerischen Blick auf den Liebfrauendom und die Bischofsburg. Weiter ging's durch malerische Gassen vorbei an einem weiteren Palais der Familie Esterhazy zum zentralen Platz mit der Jesuitenkirche Ignatius. Kurz darauf nahmen wir eine kleine Auszeit beim Kaffee Frei. Die haben nahezu 100 in internationale Kategorien aufgeteilte Kaffeespezialitäten und wir hatten bei der Wahl ein glückliches Händchen, es schmeckte traumhaft.
      Vorbei an der Karmeliterkirche verließen wir die überschaubare Altstadt und machten uns auf den Weg in Richtung Budapest. Zu unserer Überraschung führte uns das Navi über die Slowakei. Auch gut! Tanken war ohnehin mal wieder dran und hier kostete es uns "nur" 1,79 €/l.
      Unseren Platz für die Nacht wählten wir am Donauufer in Šturovo neben der Brücke nach Ungarn und mit einem sensationellen Blick auf die Basilika Esztergom. Zu unserer Freude muss Ungarn anscheinend nicht so viel Energie sparen wie Deutschland, denn bis 23:00 Uhr konnten wir noch die eindrucksvoll erleuchtete Silhouette genießen.
      Und unser Kühli?: er wurschtelt vor sich hin, geht öfter mal aus, kühlt aber nach dem Neustart wieder so lala und wir warten ab, was sich tut.
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    • Day28

      Étape 23 (Olivier) : Budapest - Stutovo

      June 11 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Distance : 52 km
      Dénivelé : 560 m D+
      Temps de déplacement : 2h13
      Tracé GPS :

      Pour moi les objectifs sont clairs pour ces quelques jours solo. Je veux tout d'abord visiter la capitale de la Slovaquie, Bratislava puis profiter des montagnes qu'offrent le pays. Le problème est que Bratislava n'est pas trop sur la route entre Budapest et Cracovie et fait passer par l'énorme plaine qu'il y a en Slovaquie. Je sais donc que j'aurais presque 200 km qui ne seront pas les plus agréables.

      Le samedi je m'élance de Budapest à plus de 19h pour sortir de la ville et faire une cinquantaine de kilomètres avec la seule côte pour aller à Bratislava.
      Le départ tardif me fait arriver de nuit et le village que je visais au bord du Danube ne possède aucun spot pour dormir. Je décide donc de le traverser afin de trouver un spot dans le village d'en face et enfaîte je traverse la frontière, me voilà en Slovaquie !
      Le premier spot que je vise n'est pas possible, puisque je vois une voiture de police me suivre. Ensuite, je trouve un bon coin d'herbe qui sera mon lieu de camping. Je dormirai ensuite 9h presque non stop (juste un faisan qui vient me réveiller au petit matin), sûrement la meilleure nuit sauvage depuis le début, qui retranscris bien la fatigue accumulée à Budapest.
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    • Day15

      Zugreise durch Ungarn

      September 19, 2019 in Hungary ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Nachdem die Etappe gestern mäßig lustig war (siehe unsere Posts), haben wir uns heute spontan entschieden, die heutige Strecke mit dem Zug zurück zu legen - auch ein Abenteuer. Wir haben allerdings nette Leute getroffen, 3 verrückte Japaner, die Europa per Rad durchqueren und ein Pärchen und ihre Räder, mit dem wir uns im Zug gefühlte 2 qm teilen mussten - inklusive Räder.Read more

    • Day2

      Day 2 recap

      August 23, 2019 in Hungary ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Long long day, 10h of driving, super tired right now and camping just across the hungarian border.

      Today we...
      Traded our Banana for a bottle of water, some paper and the new testament
      Enjoyed beautiful Slovakia
      Katharina hugged a bear
      I missed third gear
      We switched co pilots with another team
      Cooked dinner in the darkness
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    • Day5


      December 19, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ -1 °C

      Well what another beautiful place. .and so much history. It is very moving when you are told so many stories about the war and communism as it was here for years...Budapest is actually split by the river and one side is called Buda and the other pest...and they don't really like each other...Read more


      Beautiful city☺☺Bon voyage to Amersterdam😍

    • Day17

      Concert in Sturovo

      September 26, 2015 in Slovakia ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

      We headed for the flea market this morning for some free shopping time. However, with a concert later in the day, we had to pack the instruments and uniforms onto the bus with us. The flea market was great with lots of local fresh produce downstairs, including souvenir paprika which we bought. Upstairs were some great bargains, the usual tourist stuff a la paddies,but also lots of locally made linen and so on.

      We stopped at a crowded food stall and wondered whether they had ever actually made coffee before. Back on the coach, we headed for Dorog where we had lunch in Grante Etterem. The tables were arranged very much like wedding tables. We had some lovely potato soup for entree, then a second course of pea soup with a schnitzel on the side, with some sort of tossed bun with poppy seeds.

      Passing Esztergom, we drove across the Danube in to Slovakia (Sturovo). Because of the rain, we had a problem in that the location of the concert was being used by some folk whose concert was originally supposed to be outside, delaying our changing and rehearsal. We were taken to a separate venue for a quick rehearsal and tune before going back to the Culture House. We mooched around a bit, and eventually got into the place. There were people dressed in majestic regalia, like mayoral robes for a 'wine knights' event. A couple of people were presented with some sort of certificate, and one wore a sash for 2015. Maybe some sort of promotional awards? We couldn't work it out.

      The second concert went well. The audience was again appreciative, and we had learned how to handle the encores without doing 6 of them! However, when we got back on the bus we found out that it had no power, so we walked down to the restaurant El Camino, I suppose about a kilometer away. Actually a bit of walking was a great idea after all the heavy food and bus travel.

      We sort of thought we might get some Spanish food, but Hungarian traditional seems to be the choice made for us - schnitzel, potatoes and pickles. At some stage during dinner, Bill had a brain snap and started telling Judith off when she tried to tell him not to tidy up the empty plates. It was a little unpleasant and uncharacteristic, and we were later told, possibly incorrectly, that she was taking photos of him eating with the wrong teeth! Not sure that we can still blame jet lag!
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      Trish Forrester

      All packed up for the gig

      Trish Forrester

      Budapest markets

      Trish Forrester

      Lunch in Dorog

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    • Day41

      Tailwind into Esztergom

      October 4, 2016 in Hungary ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

      Tuesday October 4th
      In Which we Share a Tailwind to Ezstergom

      We awoke to a morning with a slight drizzle. Could this finally be the day when our run of fine weather draws to a close ? With only two more days to go till we roll into Budapest, it would almost feel cruel if the weather cracked at this late stage. Fortunately it didn't, it actually fined up to give us another dry day.

      Our ride began on the left bank on the Slovakian side. The previous time we rode this section it gave us the worst and roughest riding of the entire trip. In fact it was so bad that we christened the section as "Siberia". Rather than being a bike path, it was just a series of rough tractor grooves that saw us continually switching from one track to the other, just trying to make any sort of headway.

      Well it is amazing what a difference seven years makes

      As we rode this same section I was staggered the find that the entire rough section had now been replaced with a lovely sealed bike path. Not only did it give us a perfect surface to ride on, but we were also aided by a steady tail wind, meaning that our progress was easy and swift. For most of the first hour we were able to effortlessly ride along between 25 to 30 kph.

      I was also surprised to find that the main pace setter was none other than Rosemary. She bolted to an unfamiliar position at the front of the peloton and I had to really work hard to keep her in sight. She explained her newly found stamina as being due "to the coffee she had at breakfast".

      One hazard in this otherwise beautiful bike path was the large number of strategically placed bollards, right in the middle of the path, where they could inflict the most serious injury. As we hurtled along there was an, almost continuous succession of shouts of "bollard", "double bollard", "another bollard", "bollard down", "hidden bollard" and so on.

      Each time I turned around I could see dark clouds billowing behind us, however we were making so excellent progress that they did not seem to be getting any closer to us

      It started to become a race between us and the chasing weather. We won.
      Last time we rode this section we stopped for lunch at a large restaurant boat that was moored on the riverbank. I thought that it would be n ideal spot for lunch once again. Unfortunately, when we reached the boat, it was obvious the the last seven years had not been kind to it. Not only was it all locked up, but looked like it had been left neglected for a long time. No lunch for us today !

      We immediately decided to continue to Esztergom instead. The tailwind stayed with us, but the lovely bike path did not. In fact we found ourselves riding along a very busy road for the final 10 km into the city. With a succession of huge trucks apparently doing their best to drive us off the road, it made for the most unpleasant riding we had done so far. One particularly evil truckdriver seemed determined to kill me. In spite of my normally placid nature I did find myself involuntarily giving him a huge shout of abuse and the sight of the raised middle finger of my right hand. I just could not help it. Another similar driver tried to run straight over the top of Gerry !

      Esztergom is best known for the huge basilica which can be seen from at least 15 km away as you ride towards the city

      It is fascinating to see it gradually growing larger as you approach, till it dominates the entire skyline.Unfortunately we were too scared for our lives to spend much time admiring the basilica as we approached.

      Our hotel was very near to the basilica and, thanks to our energetic riding we arrived at around 12.30 pm - far too early to get access to our rooms. We were extremely pleased that we had managed to complete yet another cycling day without getting wet. Can our incredible run of meteorological good fortune hold out for just one more day ?

      We spent the afternoon exploring the basilica, before returning to the diminutive rooms of the hotel. In many respects this hotel was one of the worst of the entire trip. Not even the sheet extended all the way to the foot of the bed, finishing about 15 cm short of the end of the mattress ! Oh well, sometimes you just have to take the bad with the good.

      Tomorrow our odyssey draws to a close as we ride into Budapest.
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