Crossing Paths Again

Boy meets girl declares purple, girl giggles, boy's eyes twinkle, connection made, they smile. Boy goes one way, girl goes the other, paths cross again. Girl's eyes twinkle, boy chuckles, share smiles together, then kiss. New adventures ensue....
  • Day5

    Summerville, South Carolina

    April 6, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 66 °F

    Swung by visit with my friend Vanessa Wolf, writer, food critic, loving Mother and beautiful spirit.

    We got to meet her son and newest canine pup to her family. She's completely correct when she said,"As you travel you'll believe you have all time to write about all that transpired, but you won't."

    I say if you do have the time to do so, then you might be missing the beauty Halle I got around you, especially if your having to maintain focus behind the wheel. 😌🌎
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    Port Royal, South Carolina

    April 1, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    What can we say about Port Royal ? True question is, what can we not say?

    Departing the Atlanta area after a kind stay there with Pat, the mother of his child and dogs galore we pushed to our first stay in South Carolina.

    We stayed within my best friend during high school. John Hinkley Jr. who's not the "assassin" people recognize that name for. I hadn't seen this man physically since 1989 and he still has them pretty baby blue eyes and crass humor as we did in our youth. With a doll of a wife we shared endless stories about our young life. Many of those are best censor because we were crazy kids in high school.

    He and his wife put us up for two days and his culinary skills are bombastic after all these years. As he barbecued our first meal and wild storm blew through thanks to Mother Nature.

    John nailed the cook out as rain heaved upon us and the cats. Did I mention he's a wayward cat they appear upon his doorstep and he gives them loving with food and water? It's best I don't besmirch his rep, but yeah he's always been a sucker for pussy.

    Anyhow, he approaches me with a bargain: If I supply and he paint will you give my hugging tree some eyeballs? Of course I said yes, but only after I blew some fireballs into the air and entertained him and his wife with magic. The ladies quickly connected like long lost sisters, ball busting us at any opportunity. GOOD TIMES!!! All the way.

    Second day he took ok us for a bike ride around town filling us in on its history. Such a lovely place, but watch out for chiggers and sand fleas cause they ate Sami and I's legs like a soup kitchen.
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  • Day0

    Decateur, Georgia

    March 31, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    What a stark difference in the landscape between Florida and Georgia. It went from dry and brown to lush and green! It was a beautiful drive😀 We arrived at Pats house about 9pm. Pat and Sage used to work together in Seattle. When we walked in the house we were greeted by amazing smells coming from the kitchen! So much yummy food and fun company. Pat, Melissa, their daughter, her 2 friends and 3 dogs makes for lively dinner conversation 😀 Maybe it's from being raised by my bonus dad who loved to reminisce and tell stories because I love listening to old friends recall funny and touching stories. Laughter and tears always touch my heart!
    We did however get a nail in a tire of the SUV. Sage pulled the flat off, put the spare on, and Thanks to pep boys, open on a Sunday we were able to get on the road on Monday morning.

    Our next destination was a farm in Sparta Georgia. We found Mockingbird Hill Farm on a we site called Hipcamp. Our host Martha was raised on this old share croppers farm. What a beautiful place! We arrived early and informed nonchalantly that a big storm was coming. We smiled, I love storms! Then she said she needed to go put her dogs up and 'hunker down' to which I asked 'how big is this storm?'
    She replied 'a tornado.' 😳 Martha then asked where we thought we would feel the safest during this storm that could hit in the next 30 min. Seriously! We politely asked her where the safest place would be and she directed us to a kitchen built of concrete blocks. We started there but ended up in a screened in living area next door. What a fabulous storm!!! All the best elements but a tornado!

    Next day we toured the tiny town of Sparta. Sweet people, great buildings and tons of history. Sparta is what one calls the "Po South" because it's so poor they cannot afford the extra O & R.

    One more night on the farm with the sounds of cows, a mini donkey, goats, chickens, roosters and red ants!!! Yes, ants! Boo! All in all, it was a fun pit stop. Thank you Georgia for your hospitality!
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  • Day2

    Melbourne, Florida

    March 31, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    About 1 1/2hrs outta Lakeland we stopped off to grab some gas, Sami purchased a Peace Tea and got sick immediately afterwards so I took over driving into Melbourne. Reaching out to my friends via text messages and whatnot Deena offered us cool solace at her parents house, plus snacks, and rum which Sami abstained from.

    Deena's dad works for NASA gathering space debris when it falls back to earth. He's a very smart man who's wife is bubbly and funny lady. Deena's pop informed us we were about to witness an historic rocket launch from near their gorgeously interior decorated home. It was the first time NASA ever reused a rocket module, how fun!

    Sami: Sage shared magic with Deena and her Mom to their delight and upon mentioning part of our quest is seeking out penguins wherever we go, her darling daughter had a Lego one she didn't care for so Waddles has a companion.

    After Sage and Deena caught up with one another and I got some pet loving we set out to Sage's friends Marc & Holly's home for our stay. Marc was cooking a delicious Korean rib and turnip soup dish with rice as we met their darling boys.

    Sage entertained the little ones and before dinner was ready the boys ran off for beer and whatnot as Holly and I sat with the neighbor Lenny who graciously opened his home for us to stay while there on March 30th-31rst.

    Lenny is a handsome man with a heart of gold, recent widower, great conversationalist, retired and yet a wonderful host with his lovely house.

    We drank and talked all night near a bonfire while Sage shared magic with everyone and other guests that arrived, he even unleashed his inner dragon blowing fireballs into the night sky. The boys outlasted Holly and I because they had years of catching up to do, eventually pouring each other into their beds.

    Next morning after one of the little ones went to school we all went to a place Marc and Holly work at called 'Ethel and Fred's' that is a southern style greasy spoon restaurant where the owner loves giving out hugs.

    Food was good, prices ranged from $5-$10 at best and covered all the bases. Afterwards we went back to the house for rest time, Sage web work, Lenny and I chatted as he cleaned his pool. I was tempted to go in but decided to stay dry and enjoy the air show directly above. Sage and Marc were licking their liquor wounds from the night before, so we kept this night pretty mellow. Holly's friend Niccole arrived right as the pizza man delivered from Old School Pizza.

    We all chatted as Sage and Marc chatted about life together, Sage's Mom, piranha surgery, snow storms in Seattle. These two boys and their shenanigans are seriously like Ren and Stimpy which Lenny wholeheartedly agreed.

    We had an early morning jaunt at 9am to make it towards Atlanta Georgia so except for Marc and Sage we all called it a good night. Next morning we awoke, Lenny was washing our vehicle and we all went to Ethel and Fred's for a send off breakfast. Once again the food was great, hugs exchanged and Sage shared one last magic effect with Lenny and off we went!
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  • Day0

    Saint Petersburg to Lakeland.

    March 29, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    Left Saint Petersburg after having dinner with Sami's daughter, son-in-law, grand daughter and Grandma Bevy heading to Melbourne with a gorgeous sunset in our rear view mirrors.

    Realized after covering many miles that it was a exhausting day emotionally and spiritually so we stopped in Lakeland for the night.

    Same searched Expedia on her phone for the best deals on hotels and we found Howard Johnson's to be the place to stay cause Motel 6 was too sketchy for $55. H.J. was only $39 via Expedia and $45 at the front desk, so we booked it online and grabbed our key to unload for the evening.

    Now we gotta admit, Howard Johnson's was rated 3 stars, once we Sami killed cockroach in the bathroom and we saw Continental Breakfast in the morning, plus the fact that the free WiFi only worked in the lobby we knew why.

    Aside from the monster hair ball I yanked outta the drain and the cockroach, it was clean and comfortable enough especially when I saw Luigi the lizard munching on a fresh kill outside.

    That morning the sunrise was beautiful and we got a fresh start early to Melbourne.
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  • Day2

    Goodbye Clearwater

    March 29, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

    We awoke taking one last shower in our abode, packed and munched upon our leftovers of the previous day's breakfast. Rearranged the vehicle and decided to see who can kick who's butt in miniature golf.

    At 630 S Gulfview Blvd in Clearwater you will find Captain Bligh's Landing & Miniature Golf Adventures along with their beautiful parrot Scarlet who's known to eat people's fingers and pizza. $10 will get ya 18 holes with a bonus one at the end, toss in $2.50 for a custom ball to keep.

    Captain Bligh's is a kitschy pirate themed outdoor course that even has a jail that's labeled Daycare. 😜 We agree the last 3 holes are the toughest with water and sand traps. Sage was seriously dehydrated from the night before but came around once we hit the coolness of the caverns. In the end Sami won 61-68 and Sage is eager for a rematch elsewhere.

    Afterwards we stopped by a dock near the hotel where we saw schools of fish, sand sharks and other sea life. It's a known manatee spot but we didn't see any. Sage attempted to get a fish pedicure but the fish were not going for his feet bait.

    Deciding to check out the back dock of our hotel we saw a neighbor trying his luck at fishing. While chatting with them his wife's prescription glasses flew off her head and into the water. Sage ran off coming back with the pool skimmer, but no luck, so her husband hopped in barefoot and found her glasses with his feet. The poor guy came out with cuts all over his feet but it was their 30th Anniversary, so he racked up husband points with her for sure.

    Later we learned they were from Chicago and a few days prior, that their son was robbed of his vape by gun point 15 feet away from them near Pier 60. We were shocked and figured it was time to head to Saint Petersburg having dinner with Sami's daughter, son-in-law, grand daughter and daughter's first Mom.

    The restaurant is called The Avenue, kind of a hip place where Sami's daughter pointed out the first thing on their menu is bacon.
    They do have vegetarian options but they're slim to say the least. Food was good ranging $8-$14 and they poor stiff drinks, so you've been warned!

    Sage shared some magic with Leah's husband Justin and they discussed their move to Seattle and best areas to raise their daughter.

    Parting is sweet sorrow as they say but we shall see them soon enough in the Pacific Northwest.
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  • Day0

    Clearwater, Florida

    March 27, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

    On our way home to nap we swung into King's Pizza where the deal of the day was 2 slices gets you a free beverage. Grabbed the sausage and cheese, light crust even worthy of eating the pizza bones and with the price of 2 slices for $5 it was a deal!

    After our nap we set out to see what the night life was like. Caught a busker who was getting ready for his grand finale, a double fire whip act. It's was great but we feel he needed less talk and more rock.

    Searching menus of local eateries we drifted down a side street with nothing striking our tastes. As we walked I smelled marvelous food coming a building tucked away off the street. Approaching the building we discovered Bobby's Bistro & Wine Bar. Looking in through the tinted glass of the door it didn't appear to be lively, yet did look a bit expensive. The waitress saw looking in and opened the door inviting us in. It's a real quaint little joint with almost a Greek feel to it. Kitchen was closing so we put our order in as they seated us in there covered patio area. Sami got the Caesar salad and I the steak salad, both were delicious! Prices ranged from $5-$14 for the food, but what's great about Bobby's is the staff. Very friendly, apologetic, they brought us fresh made warm bread with a bowl of olive oil, pesto and Parmesan cheese. The wait staff never let our water glasses empty. The music was fun, ambient and peppy being played through the speakers of the place. Suddenly Eminem's "Real Slim Shady" came on and quickly changed as we were getting in the groove. All-in-all it's a very quaint joint, find it at 447 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater Beach.

    We strolled back to our abode smiling over having such a great time and meal at Bobby's. Once home I threw a movie on via my laptop patched into the TV and we quickly snored our way to the next day.
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  • Day0

    Clearwater Fun

    March 27, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

    What's to say about Cleaewater, Florida?
    Well for one it's a very fun touristy beach town, typical food and drinks we're not pocket gouging to say the least. Drinks ranged in the $6-$9 range and were fair pours to say the least. Food prices ranged from appetizers $6-$8 and dinners $9-$12 depending on where you decide to eat. Our hotel ran about $130 a night, so now on to the fun stuff!

    We awaken in our hotel room at the Sta 'N Pla Marina Resort. It's a quaint little place with two locations about 50 feet from each other. Sami described it as A cross between Miami Vice meets Melrose Place with pools in the middle. Free Wifi with a sting connection. The bed was very comfortable with super soft pillows, couch, coffee table, coffee maker and coffee, mini fridge and well you get the idea. Most of all it was very clean and relaxing.

    Word to the wise, bring a HDMI cable and a laptop so you can patch right into the TV to play tunes or watch whatever you care to as we did!

    We set off to for our meal of the day and found Frenchy's Beach Bar and grill to be a cool spot to hit. Staff was ultra friendly and we decided upon fried calamari. It was a lightly battered with an assortment of shapes and sizes. Sami had the Long Island Ice Tea and I a schooled top shelf margarita.
    When the food arrived their cocktail sauce was bland to say the least but once we got the garlic aioli sauce, that food was going down quickly.

    Struck up a conversation with a young couple, Chris and Courtney who were day visiting. When we first sat down they were having a lovers quarrel, but not long after Sami applied her compassionate charm and relationship advice they calmed becoming quite jovial. After my second margarita I was quite buzzed, yet upon ordering a third I felt it was time to entertain them with card and coin magic. Chris seemed to be an "expert" on my magic, but I broke through his gruff exterior and humorist him. Courtney on the other had repeatedly expressed her mind being blown. All and all they were quite adorable. Paying our bill we set out to the beach.

    The beach sand was soft and white, little cabana umbrellas lined the shore as people played, sunbathed and soaked in the atmosphere. There's a seagull on these shores that literally enjoy hovering over you and laugh. We decided to call the Mocking Gulls! Since I had contacted Sunsets on Pier 60, it's an organization that puts on busker entertainment and vendors for the night every day 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours afterwards. (Those who're entertainers interested in performing, contact )
    Assessing the scenario for my shows the next night we headed off to get water and bathroom as my stomach was still upset from the fast food at St. Louis airport.

    We stopped at Duffy's Bar along the market strip, we ordered Corona for the gal and I had a Heineken with a shot of Cuervo. DO NOT ORDER SHOTS HERE because they were ridiculously short. We left after I shared some rope magic with a family that has three daughters.

    Since this blog site is called Find Penguins, we felt it's only apropos to seek out a penguin along the way. Stopping into a boutique called Bags and Baubles I will let Sami take it from here. Sami: Purses and bling with lots of shiny things! A very beautiful selection of hand bags and jewelry, so of course a cool Bettina ring and silver thumb ring was purchased along with a gift for my friend Kelly. The gentleman working the counter was sweet and funny saying we had a slim chance finding a penguin there or anywhere near laughing about our mission. But we looked anyways.

    Needing other provisions we set out to get them for the rest of our trip, Ziplock baggies, know, the important stuff! Low and behold Sage found our first penguin, her name is Waddles and she was saved from the confines of Mr. Walgreens shop of corporate plenty. Sage also surprised me with a set of Bettina ear rings that have a pearl with sea shells.

    We went back towards our room for some napping.
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  • Day0

    Seattle, Washington

    March 26, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 46 °F

    Sage: Catching the morning sunrise to see my sweetie by sunset! Thanks to my dear friend Pat Obrien for waking up to catch a 9am flight for Florida. As Pat said,"Wow, I rarely get a chance to see a sunrise like this unless we're still up from the night before."

    Being a comedy magician I tend to pack odd things for my shows, TSA felt the need to rummage through my shit in search of a hand pump air horn gifted to me by my dear friend Zak's Mother, Rhonda. Then they sought out my pirate's monocular, satisfied that neither will jeopardize the lives of us all they allowed me to keep them and ACTUALLY....repacked my carry-on rucksack with care.

    Lift off was great, listened to Pink Floyd's "Darkside Of The Moon" and drifted off asleep.

    Landed in St. Louis, starving I grabbed a bacon whopper from Burger King at the airport between flights. According to my asshole and stomach that was a MAJOR mistake.

    Anyhoo, lifted off an hour later landing safely into the arms of my love Sami, in Tampa Florida.
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