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    • Day 40

      Triacastela to Sarria

      May 30, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

      I had a great night’s sleep - everyone was happy to have the window open and what a difference it makes to have fresh air in a crowded dormitory! The bar opened early so I was able to have breakfast before starting. This really helps because ibuprofen is keeping me going and you can’t have it on an empty stomach. Unfortunately it wears off after about 4 hours and it’s too soon for the next dose. So the last bit starts to become painful again, but manageable.

      It was a very long climb out of Triacastela and a very steep descent towards Sarria. But today was one of the prettiest walks so far. It was like walking through a rainforest, lots of shade and mossy banks. Really beautiful. We also went through lots of tiny villages where the people have dairy farms. There weren’t any services for about 7 kms until a vending machine suddenly appeared in a very unlikely place. A Coke and a packet of chips has become a regular snack. And then around the next bend was a donativo stall with fresh hard boiled eggs and fruit. You never know what to expect. We were very lucky with the weather as the roads in Sarria were very wet but we had only the slightest drizzle. I have a private room tonight so will have an early night as tomorrow will be another hilly day.

      El Bordon de la Casa Batallon
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      Di you are doing so so well. When I read your posts it is just like I am there with you. You are nearly there!!!! We will all be with you in spirit every step. Sending love hugs and prayers your way 😍🙏😘

      Narelle Campbell

      That is a pretty walk. I remember enjoying that day. So close now! 🤗


      in 2017 there was an Australia chap originally from Wenyworth, country NSW who live/owned this donativo stop. He asked if I had come across some other Australian friends of his family!


      nice collection of sellos

    • Day 36

      Tag 36 von Triacastela nach Sarria

      June 6, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Der heutige Tag begann mit der Entscheidung neue Rute des Jakobsweges oder alte.
      Ich habe mich dann für die alte Rute entschieden was im Nachhinein perfekt für mich war.
      Es war zwar der schwierigere Weg.
      Aber genau den sollte ich wohl gehen.
      Nach etwa einer Stunde kam ich an einer kleinen Kapelle vorbei.
      In der ein Man versuchte ein Surfbrett an die Decke zu hängen.
      Ich half ihm natürlich und zu zweit schafften wir es auch.
      Wie sich später erzählte war er aus England und war 2005 den Camino gegangen.
      Als er wieder zuhause war entschied er sich alles aufzugeben und auf dem Camino zu leben.
      Er lebt davon Bilder zu malen und andere Gegenstände zu bemalen.
      So wie den Pilgern gegen eine Spende einen einzigartigen Stempel zu malen.
      Für mich gab es den Stempel gratis und im Anschluss Beteten wir noch gemeinsam.
      Diese Momente sind einfach unbezahlbar.
      Der sonstige Weg war wieder anstrengend aber wunderschön.
      Ich genieße jeden Tag auf diesem außergewöhnlichen Weg.
      Heute abend ist um 19 Uhr Pilger Messe was ich mir natürlich nicht entgehen lasse.
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      Wunderschönes Bild in deinem Pilgerpass. Das sind Erinnerungen die du nie vergisst. Mach weiter so.

    • Day 40

      Filloval - Samos - Sarria

      May 23, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      Porridge, love it! Das Frühstück eine Wohltat für das Bäuchlein, kein Toast oder Tortilla selbst der Bocadilla heute war für mich nicht attraktiv genug.
      Ich laufe los, es ist noch sehr kühl und grau, nach dem gestrigen Wasserfall, Blitz und Donner kam ich durchnässt in Fillobal an. Die Bar neben der Albergue eine Oase mit herrlichen Gerichten. So habe ich eine vegane Lasagne genossen.

      Ich denke heute gehört zu einer der schönsten Wanderungen, der Weg nach Tricastela ist wie in einem Bilderbuch. Es regnet richtig, fleißig durchstapfen, Socken und Füße pitschnass, das märchenhafte Gallizien bezaubert. Ankunft in Sarria, heute ein Appartement gebucht mitten im Zentrum, nicht schlafen in Papierbettwäsche, wie schön! Selber kochen, die Heizung ist an und eine Waschmaschine ist auch vorhanden, ich freu mich!
      Die letzten 129 Kilometer ab morgen. 😊
      Dann fängt Disneycamino an. Die ersten Feiertrüppchen trinken sich warm, junge Spanier die die letzten Kilometer feiernd bewegen, dafür muss man 2 Stempel am Tag abholen.
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      wunderbar... entspannt und voller Ruhe


      Stefanie, das macht ihr in Schottland auch ✔️🍀🍀♥️👍🏼viel Spaß!


      Morning, ich wünsche dir Sonne und einen wumderschönen Tag.


      Danke liebe Sabine ♥️

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    • Day 30

      Day 30: Triacastela a Sarria

      May 29, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Two routes today, and two options. I always find I struggle with this, as I never know which path to take. Perhaps a bit reflective of me in real life?

      After a few cervezas watching the match the night before, and having ingratiated myself with a new Camino family, I leave alone and feel many emotions. Perhaps a little lonely? I start down the route to Sansol, where there is a monastery. But something makes me stop, and I turn around and go the countryside route to San Xil instead. Just as I retrace my steps I run into Lorna, Iraxe and Sophie from the night before. So now, I walk with a group! Maybe the Camino does provide?

      The walk truly is beautiful today, traversing countryside paths and by farms, all green and fresh.
      I keep a good pace and walk with Lolo, a Spaniard from Extremadura who is a part of this Camino family. We enjoy a good conversation about work and life and balance, and the short walk of 18km is soon over as we arrive into Sarria.

      A significant point, as this means I reach the last 100km of the route. I feel strange as I enter the city, a bit lost and a bit alone. I check into my albergue and then I receive a message from Lolo to meet the group down at the waterfront for octopus - a typical gallegan dish!

      This ends up being a really fun evening, with far too many chupitos and beers and not enough food! But I really enjoyed my time. Iraxe gave me a red string bracelet, to signify a bond that is unbreakable, and I am an honorary member of the family, even if just for a little while.
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      Don’t reach ahead and fear the empty space. Step into it and embrace. You belong in whatever space you find yourself.


      you are doing brilliantly xxxxGrandma

    • Day 31

      Day 28 - Thank you, Mother Nature!

      October 13, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." - John Muir

      Day 28 - A Balsa to Outskirts of Sarria - 17km (13.5 + 3.5) - approx 3.5hrs for initial walk

      Today was a nature day and I was consumed with the views, the animals and plants I saw along the way.

      I left in the dark today at 7:50 am and the first thing I heard was an owl hooting. So beautiful and so haunting. It reminded me that today is the last day before Sarria and that I should drink it all in.

      I was worried about walking alone in the dark, as I knew I would be walking in the woods and going uphill. Figured maybe if I could see the hills it may be easier hahaha. As if! All that fear of walking alone in the dark faded fast. Like - within 50ft of my Albergue. I saw an open door on the left with pilgrims milling about. Curious as always, I had a peek. I had stumbled on Art’s Art Gallery. He had only opened a few minutes ago and already he had a full house. Art is an artist, originally from Scotland. That’s all I know - other than the fact that he has this amazing Camino gallery in the middle of bloody nowhere. I purchased a few postcards to send home since they are so unique. And I love supporting the artist himself. After I paid, he gave me a sello (stamp) in my credencial, and then drew an abstract picture for me in there too. As this credencial is on a glossy sort of paper, he was able to do the work with a metallic marker and a bit of paint. I had to wait while it dried, so I didn’t smear all over the place. While I waited, Art asked if he could do a blessing for us. There were 6 of us in the shop at the time and he spoke a blessing over us as pilgrims, to help us on our way. It was actually pretty emotional and I am not even very religious. It just seemed “right” at the time.

      I knew I would regret not buying one of the larger prints so I asked if he had the one I was interested in. Luckily he did, so I got that too. I have been very good on this trip. This is the only the second item I have purchased en-route that isn’t food or a necessity for the journey. Just as I was leaving the shop, in walks Paula, from my first couple of days! It was so good to see her, and I am glad she continues on this route. She had at one point decided to go over to the Portuguese route, but then stayed here instead.

      After leaving the shop, it was light enough that I didn’t have to worry about walking alone in the dark. Now all I had to worry about were the damned hills. And I was right to worry, as they were long and steep. I took it slowly and huffed and puffed my way up each one. I sat for a while at San Xil, with Paula and then went on ahead. I spent a lot of time looking at the stunning scenery, talking to horses, taking photos of fungi and slugs and generally just taking my time and drinking it all in. After today my Camino will change as there will be so many people leaving from Sarria that I just feel this may be my last change to enjoy the walk as it should be enjoyed.

      Once I hit the straightaways (and could breath again!) I started to make up for lost time. The first 1.5km took me almost an hour. But the next 3 I did in the next hour, even with some uphills climbs (not as bad as the first half).

      What goes up must come down….and down I went. And down, and down, and down. Some zig zagging was necessary so I didn’t blow my knees out. My calves were crying from the uphill, my knees were starting to sing from the steep downhill and my ankles joined in the chorus for good measure! Again, I made up a bit of time on the straightaways, so I didn’t do too badly. Paula had passed me ages ago on an uphill. But, at the end of this stage of very steep downhills, I caught up with her again. She still has bad knees from day 1, and is slow and careful on the Dow hills.

      I stopped at another hippy dippy Albergue with Paula (looks like they sleep in a barn here…) for tea and biscuits, and a fresh apple form their orchards - it was crisp, sweet and perfect! When I looked at my Fitbit, it had taken me just under 2 hrs for 4.5km. Kinda sad, but, I made it!

      I had arranged to meet Annette as Aguiada, as my path and hers (she went via Samos) merged at this point. So, I soon headed off again for the next 5 km which I walked mostly alone. I did walk a bit with a man named Harold whom I had met at the gallery and again at the hippy dippy Albergue. He has been travelling the world for 4 months and has two left to go…. Lucky bugger! Once I got to Aguiada, he continued in his way and I stopped to wait for Annette. I had gotten there at noon and she was due at 1pm. Her path was 6km longer than mine, but not as steep. As it turns out, she didn’t get there until almost 2:30! I was quite content to sit in the sun, read my book and play on my phone :-) After she had rested for a bit, we headed off for the last 5km into the city. I am staying just before the city at a campground, but she is in the city.

      I had wanted to stay at this campground since I had seen someone else posting about it. I have a cool little camping cabin with kitchenette, bathroom and shower, dining area, sofa and a freaking double bed with real sheets!! What a treat! It is so nice and peaceful here. Especially as I am the only one in the whole campground!! As it happens, I ended up walking another 1.5 each way, to the supermarket. I wanted to cook for myself tonight. There was limited selection, so I got the fixings for poor pilgrims streak, egg and chips (and a Snickers ice cream to eat i
      on the walk back!). Dinner wasn’t too bad either!! I also now have 4 hard boiled eggs to take along with me tomorrow and the next day. So, win win! I sat outside to eat my dinner but the sun was setting and my cool, private campground started to get eerie and creepy, so I came inside, locked the door and closed the blinds hahaha.

      Fingers crossed for a good sleep and a quick walk tomorrow. Around 22km so I know I am going to be pooched by the time I get there!
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      So pretty!


      Oh my God! So beautiful!

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    • Day 35

      Von Triacastella nach Sarria

      June 6, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Hola y buenas noches a todos. Es geht so langsam auf die finalen Etappen in Richtung Santiago de Compostella. Mittlerweile bin ich in Sarria angekommen und das bedeutet, die letzten ca 110km stehen an. Der Start in triacastella, war von zwei Fragen gezeichnet. 1.) Stimmt die Wetterprognose: Regen ab 11 Uhr. 2.) Geht man die Nord ( Alter Weg ) oder die Südroute ( neuer Weg )? Zur ersten Frage: Nein, es hat nicht geregnet. Zur zweiten Frage: Ich habe mich für die Nordroute entschieden. Die Nordroute ist etwas kürzer aber mit sehr schönen Landschaften, Wäldern bestückt. Phasenweise starke Anstiege und auch Abstiege und somit sehr kraftraubend. Wieder Piglern begegnet, welche man schon so oft gesehen aber auch neue Gesichter denen man noch nie begegnet ist. Ich hoffe, dass euch die Fotos ein wenig von dem fantastischen Abenteuer vermitteln können. Erkenntnis des Tages: Niemals geht man so ganz, irgendwas von die bleibt für immer hier. Adios y hasta mañana.Read more




      Alles Jakobsmuscheln?megaaaaaaaaaa


      ohja echt schön anzusehen.

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    • Day 20

      Enochlophobia Tremens

      June 7, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

      Yikes! It’s like coming off the trail right into Disneyworld! School groups, church youth groups, families, friends, pairs, singles. Lots of brand new gear. I am reminded of a time when I’d been hiking the final segment of the John Muir Trail. We were three days out and had been sharing the trail with several hikers who’d come all the way down from Yosemite. We were lunching at the junction where the long hikers meet up with the Whitney Day Hikers-Trail Junction. Three days hikers, just out of REI passed by. Someone in our group pointed out, “My! Those day hikers smell pretty!” Causing a few of us a Heimlich Moment…Read more


      That’s what it feels like when we’re the weekend hikers up on Mt. Rodgers along the AT. In reverse I mean. As the gnarly thru hikers pass us by.


      👍🏼 Neat perspective!

      The World is Out There

      In the same time frame but two days farther East, there would have been maybe 3-5 people go by


      Big elevation gain ⛰

    • Camino Countryside Beauty!

      September 27, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

      Today I went from Tricastela to Sarria. The countryside is just stunning. We passed by cattle, goats, horses and more cows! We were stopped because of cow crossing of sorts!

      This is an exciting day because reaching Sarria means that I only have 100 km to go!Read more


      Way to go Kathie!! So exciting to see you’re goal getting closer and closer. Your pics continue to amaze and inspire me!

      Kathie Lassos the Moon

      Thanks Bill! I have pictures to post for you the cyclists on the Camino! 🚴‍♂️



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    • Day 31

      Etappe 29 Tricastella -Sarria

      October 13, 2021 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      Nachdem ich letzte Nacht 14 Stunden geschlafen habe, fühlte ich mich heut morgen noch immer nicht auf den Damm!
      Ein Tag Pause machen war für uns aber trotzdem keine Option!
      Wir entschieden uns heut aber für die Alternativ Route , welche zwar fast 6 km länger war , dafür ersparten wir uns die Höhenmeter .
      Der erste Weg führte uns heut nicht zum Kaffee- nein zur ersten Apotheke !Dann ging es uns gleich ein bissle besser , Janine kämpft auch mit einer leichten Erkältung.

      Der Weg ist heute ziemlich abwechslungsreich, vorbei an Bächen, Flüssen und kleinen Wasserfällen genießen wir heute einfach mal nur die Ruhe!
      Da wir für heute auch schon ein Zimmer reserviert hatten, und nicht im überfüllten Schlafsaal nächtigen ( da ich durch meinen Husten und Nase putzen eh alle wach machen würde) , hatten wir heute auch kein Zeitlimit . So konnte Janine alle Katzen ganz Spaniens streicheln, jeden Wurm vom Weg auf die Seite legen (es könnte ja ein Pilger draufstehen) jede Kuh, und es gab wirklich viele, einen Namen geben und alle Hühner füttern!

      Nach fast 6 Stunden erreichten wir unser Ziel, das letzte Stück gingen wir noch mit Sophie, die allerdings hatte noch 20 km vor sich. Dafür waren wir heute beide nicht mehr in die Lage!

      Zimmer bezogen, geduscht und schnell zum Pilgeressen, das gibt es hier nur bis 16.00 Uhr und dann wieder ab 20.30 . Allerdings ist das dann für uns zu spät, wenn wir ankommen haben wir fürchterlichen Hunger!

      In einen Café noch Stopp gemacht, und da kamen wir immer wieder mit den ein oder anderen Pilger ins Gespräch!
      Die Freude war dann umso grösser als Diago um die Ecke kam, wir schlossen uns herzlich in die Arme!
      Er ist ein unglaublicher Mensch mit einer unglaublichen eigenen Geschichte!

      Wir verabschiedete ihn dann genauso herzlich, und hofften das wir uns recht bald wiedersehen !

      Noch einen heissen Tee mit Whiskey , soll helfen bei einer Erkältung , und dann ging’s ins Bett!

      - 24,37km
      - 387 Höhenmeter
      - 691,14 km Gesamtstrecke
      Meine Grippe hält weiterhin an, aber spanische Pillen leisten volle Arbeit.
      Read more


      Gute Besserung Euch Beiden !!!!Machts so weiter . Schône Berichte fast jeden Tag ???? Schône Zeit noch ♥️♥️♥️👍💋


      Ihr seid so tapfer wirklich 😊


      Es lohnt sich immer wieder aufs Neue jeden Tag , bald das Ziel erreicht . Schon so ein bissle traurig!

    • Triacastela to Sarria via Samos

      September 29, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 57 °F

      We left the albergue Atrio just after 7am and wished we had waited until daylight. No fun walking in the rain and the dark. But despite rain all day it was one of our most loved days on the Camino… quiet, peaceful, lush green. Now in Sarria waiting for the restaurants to open.Read more


      Esa sombrilla es muy moderna era con una oka de plátano que tenía q taparte jajajaja


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