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  • Day54

    We made it!!! We are here and have photos to prove it. It was a rainy day, really, today...but still light enough that we stayed dry...feet, clothes etc, and on our arrival in Santiago the clouds parted and the sun shone!! It was quite a long walk, 22.4 kms, and seems endless as you enter a city. But we didn’t get lost this time, and found the cathedral properly! And we bumped into Jessica just about 15 mins before actually arriving at the cathedral square, which is the destination for all pilgrims, so we walked in nice! This is excellent wifi, have just sent yesterday’s photos which wouldn’t send, and will now add some to this, before we go on a reconnoiter of the town.Read more

  • Day58

    Now a few photos from today

    October 19 in Spain

    Just back from the bar and a glass of Alberiño - so relaxed here, and they keep giving little tapas offerings with a drink! Hope I will be hungry for dinner, as the smells here are wonderful! A Canadian couple (more Canadians!) may join us for dinner tonight. We met them on the first day of this section, and they are staying just up the road...they were at our place last night so we have become quite friendly.Read more

  • Day49

    Photos walking to Portomarin

    October 10 in Spain

    Will just try 3...forgot to mention that now in Galicia there are Camino signposts with an arrow, and giving the distance to Santiago in kilometres, to 3 decimal points!! We wonder why they didn’t place them when it was a simple distance not needing decimal points.

  • Day55

    Lovely sunny day in Santiago

    October 16 in Spain

    We have had a beautiful rest day. Last night we met with our special friends from the Camino and we all had a drink at the Parador where Janette and Brigitte were staying. Quite a small crowd there, but just 5 of us went together for dinner. Judy and Dorothy were there for drinks, but they didn’t stay to have dinner as they had not long ago walked in and were tired, so we said farewell to them, but knew we were going to the Pilgrim Mass today at midday, so could see them then. So it was Janette, Brigitte, Jessica, and us for dinner, just perfect. Jessica had been recommended a place to eat, starting with P, and she actually found it and it was great...we straight away got a round table for 5 in a corner, and had many shared plates and Alberiño wine. And it was Jessica’s 53rd birthday, so we celebrated that as well. Again more farewells as Janette and Brigitte are leaving today to fly back to Canada. Very wrenching, after all our close times together.

    This morning we woke late, and had great hotel breakfast then went to the office where you can get your Compostela certificate. Morning is a good time to do this as it gets very crowded when pilgrims pour in after midday and go there straight away. After that we went and had coffee and then it was time to go to the cathedral to visit and get a good seat for the Mass, it gets very full and standing room only very early. It was lovely to sit there and feel the atmosphere and look at the great building. It was as always a moving Mass, and today they did swing the incense ball which is so dramatic....we weren’t expecting it as we knew it had happened twice before recently, so that was special. It doesn’t always happen, but it does seem more often than not.

    We saw Jessica at the Mass which was a bonus, so we went and had a little lunch with her. Didn’t see the Canadian sisters there, many,many people so not surprising, so glad we said our farewells last night. After lunch Amr and I had an attempt to get bus tickets to Salamanca but that was too complicated (this is for when we return from Finisterre) so then we went for a beautiful walk in the park just near our hotel. We are so lucky - it is a gorgeous sunny day! We had only seen Santiago in the rain last time, so this was much is a pretty, hilly city...very touristy, or totally centred around the pilgrim business, but still charming. And the food and wine is excellent! In the park we saw a couple of enormous gum trees - and these were normal spreading trees as well as large - all the ones we saw in plantations, and even the wild ones mixed with native trees, were very tall and skinny. So a good day, and tomorrow we start a 5 day new adventure to Finisterre.
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  • Day47

    Another amazing day...I think the last 2 days - climbing up to O Cebreiro and today descending to Triacastela are probably the most spectacular of the Camino. We walked 22 kms, descended from 1330 metres altitude to here which is 675 metres, so quite a lot of downhill walking!

    We left a bit before 8, when it was not quite light, and was 2°...I was really happy I had gloves! But it was a magic got lighter each minute, and it was totally clear, no mist even down in the valleys below, so this spectacular scene gradually revealed itself, and continued all day. For the most part, we undulated along the shoulder of the mountains, at one point having a steep ascent to an altitude even greater than O Cebreiro!! Then we continued, still quite high with amazing valley views in all directions, till we finally made the big descent to Triacastela. We could see a town in the distance and couldn’t believe it could be where we were to go...but it was! Just a beautiful walk through the Galician countryside.

    Galicia is a different world from the Camino till now. We have the stone walls, houses, slate or thatched roofs, and we walk through dairy farms, and see and smell cows. It just feels like a new country, and the language is different...a lot of words with X, rather like Basque! (Though am sure the Basques and the Galicians would not agree!). Also we notice another difference...much more tourism...busloads came to O Cebreiro, and today we came across several guided tours of walkers, and even a tour of horse riders doing the Camino! SO glad we are free to do our own thing!! Of course, after a rest day, you see a new group of walkers anyway. Also, after Sarria where we walk to tomorrow, there are potentially many more pilgrims as a lot of people start there and do that last section to Santiago...but hopefully, as it is now October, we won’t notice too much increase in the walker population.

    I’ll add a couple of photos, and if it goes well, will send more as we have so many stunning ones to choose from!
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  • Day62

    Finally back to proper wifi...the hotel at Finisterre was fine, but wifi came and went (and mostly went) can now show the beauty of the walk at the lighthouse just returned to Santiago and are in a room with an even better view to the cathedral! And another perfect sunny day.

  • Day50

    Just arrived at Palas de Rei and wifi so good - sent off photos from yesterday, and while it is in a good mood will quickly send lovely scenery from today...we started in a little rain which didn’t last very long...another beautiful walk. Full report later today!

  • Day10

    Santiago de Compostela

    December 7 in Spain

    Day 10 on the Camino:

    Today we left the hostel at 6 am to avoid crowded hostels once we get to Santiago. It was also very convenient because we were only walking alongside highways and streets and it was better not to see all of it. 25.5 km of walking today. It wasn’t a beautiful part of the Camino but the feeling of arriving at the cathedral was incredible! We went to get our pilgrims certificates right away and then I found a hostel in the middle of the city, right next to a park from which i have a beautiful view of the cathedral.Read more

  • Day151

    3.484 km! So viele waren es als ich heute im Pilgerbüro auf mein GPS geschaut habe, um meine Urkunde in Empfang zu nehmen. Habe also knapp den Blogtitel verfehlt, aber was solls: Ich bin glücklich über jeden gelaufenen Meter 🎉
    Kaum zu glauben, wie schnell die Zeit verflogen ist.
    Auf den letzten 20 km sahen wir noch einmal viele Pilger, überholten und wurden überholt. In der Stadt überraschte uns dann der Regen, aber pünktlich als wir auf dem Vorplatz der Kathedrale ankamen, strahlender Sonnenschein! 🌞
    Die aufregende Pilgerreise lassen wir bei der Pilgermesse in der Kathedrale ausklingen und sehen so manch bekanntes Gesicht vom Weg wieder.
    Da wir gestern so viele Kilometer gelaufen sind, können wir morgen noch einmal alles sacken lassen. Nach Hause bzw. auf zum nächsten Abenteuer geht es nämlich erst am Sonntag.
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  • Day143

    134. Etappe: Ribadeo

    November 22 in Spain

    ... oder mein letzter Tag am Meer!
    Morgen schon heißt es Abschied nehmen vom Küstenweg, denn ich bin nun in meiner ersten Station in Galicien angekommen und ab morgen bewege ich mich Richtung Inland. Deshalb bin ich heute auch wieder konsequent dem E9 gefolgt. Dieser führte mich noch mal entlang des Atlantiks. Die sehr kleine Etappe konnte ich somit etwas strecken und legte viele Fotostopps ein, auch wenn es heute ganz schön stürmisch an der Küste war.
    Zum Schluss ging es dann noch über eine riesige Brücke, um den Fluss Eo, an dessen Mündung Ribadeo liegt, zu überwinden.
    In der Herberge ist es bisher noch ruhig. Mal schauen, ob sich das noch ändert! Freue mich heut über eine voll ausgestattete Küche mit Herd. Also gibts frische Pasta und zum Auftakt in Galicien stilecht ein Pilgerinnenbier "Peregrina" - das habe ich zum ersten Mal im Supermarkt entdeckt und konnte nicht dran vorbei. Wenn ich schon auf die Ginprobe heut morgen verzichtet hab! 😅🍺
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