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  • Day45

    Tsukiji Market and Skytree

    April 28, 2017 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    I had a packed day yesterday. My hostel put on a free walking trip to Tsukiji (fish) Market and surrounding outer markets and local shines and temples in the morning, which was really interesting.
    I found my own way back and stumbled across a little square with a statue to Chirori who became the first certified therapy dog in Japan, and a reflexology installation (pic!).

    In the afternoon I wandered over to Skytree. You get a ticket to the lower viewing deck at 350m, then another to go to 445m if you wish, and from there there's a curved ramp that takes you up to 451.2m. It was only when I got to 445m that I realised there was some sort of anime story going on about a Skytree attack. I'd missed getting stamps at lower levels so couldn't see the film (as far as I could tell!) but the AV displays were fun anyway.

    I noticed I felt just a little queasy much of the time. My couldn't see any movement but my ears must have been able to sense a very slight sway.

    Then the loveliest thing happened. I'd noticed a girl (maybe 14?) casting sideways glances at me. As I sat waiting for sunset she was sitting near me with a man ( her dad?). Suddenly she leaned over and offered me a little bag of fishy snacks - a child's squid snack according to reception at my hostel. Then another, then some crackers and finally some sort of mild sherberty sweets. We couldn't understand a word each other was saying, but it didn't matter. When they left she wished me a hearty goodbye then ran back a couple of minutes later to pat me on the shoulder and hold my hand. Very sweet. I guess she was intrigued by my appearance ( I mean facial features and hair rather than my bedraggled backpacker look!) and encouraged because I was friendly.
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