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  • Day90


    August 17, 2018 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌬 27 °C

    Jean spent 2 days learning and having a go at kitesurfing. When you see the experienced kitesurfers on the water they make the sport look really cool and easy, as they do some of their crazy jumps and tricks.
    Jean said he finally realised why some kite surfers wear a helmet! As he didn't quite understand before 🤔 and hopefully he can continue to learn more along our trip or in Oz or France, as it's easier to transport compared to a windsurf or boat!Read more

  • Day87

    Willpatu National Park

    August 14, 2018 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    Today we visited one of the oldest and biggest National Parks in Sri Lanka, Willpatu National Park. You're not allowed to walk in this park, so you need to visit with a jeep (so we are told)...which is what we did. The forest is mixed and varied with small lakes around. We saw lots of birds, including beautiful kingfishers and hornbills, spotted deer, crocodiles, turtles. After a few hours our driver went a little crazy and sped to another park of the park, so we assumed there was a sighting of something special. We arrive to masses of jeeps, we had no idea where they had all come from and find that we are all waiting to see a leopard who is sleeping or laying about 15m away. It was too far to get a decent photo with our phones, but pretty amazing anyway (despite it being zoo like with the mass of jeeps with people trying to see the elusive leopard). However our treat was to come, as we were driving to leave the park (which takes about an hour in itself) we by total luck stumbled upon a leopard doing a poo on the side of the road and it walked away, across the road, just metres away from our eyes! This was quite an amazing and special moment.Read more

  • Day86

    Heading north to Wilpattu National Park

    August 13, 2018 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌬 30 °C

    After a few days of rest and 1/5th of the medication regime suggested to Lila we happily leave Negombo and head to a small village next to one of Sri Lanka's national parks. As an ode to our brother in law Ruber, who can climb a coconut tree as if it was like riding a bike, we have a try ourselves! We stay is a simple hut on an old coconut plantation and treated to some lovely Sri Lankan hospitality 😃Read more

  • Day89

    Beach time in Kalpitiya

    August 16, 2018 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    We head to nearby fishing beach side town Kalpitiya. It's a fishing village which has tourism because of great winds attracting water sports lovers, mostly kite surfers. We thought it would be a great chance for Jean to try learn too. Lila had fun building some tunnels and pyramids and was lucky to find some treasure in the sand, five 2 rupee coins! In Kalpitiya we also got introduced to the Baker on wheels, a tuk tuk which goes around selling yummy baked goods and playing ice cream truck music 😊Read more

  • Day161

    Ocean calling

    December 22, 2016 in Sri Lanka

    After relaxing and a stroll through Kandy, I headed north west, back to the beach to have some down time over the holidays and do some snorkeling and kitesurfing.

    The drive was long and I'm happy to not be stuck in a bus, train or car for the next few days.

    I made a new friend, too, her name is Emma ;)Read more

  • Day167

    The magic of the ocean

    December 28, 2016 in Sri Lanka

    What a gift to be able to spend this time in, on and around the water.

    Christmas was a tough time for me this year, but besides talking to my family on Skype, experiencing all the ocean's beauties and meeting great people to kite surf with made it such a valuable time nonetheless.

    Oceanic highlights of the week: seeing hundreds of dolphins like these ones , kite surfing, night swimming in florescent plankton (by far the best I've experienced yet), swimming across the lagoon (800m each way) a few times.Read more

  • Day162

    Exploring Dutch Bay

    December 23, 2016 in Sri Lanka

    The northwestern part of the country around dutch bay is a kite surfer's dream, but I exiled the area on sperrt and by foot. On the peninsula at dutch bay lagoon, there are several small fishing villages I passed walking on the beach. The houses are open straw huts made from coconut leaves and the gales live off fishing. And the only way to get to these villages is by boat, tractor or by foot :)

    After a good hour and a half of walking on the beach, I finally got to a resort for lunch, which served the best did I've had my entire trip to Sri Lanka.

    Chill day of exploring and hiking on the beach :)
    Read more

  • Day3

    Not sure I am improving.

    December 28, 2017 in Sri Lanka

    Tough feeling, with all the time invested I don't see major improvements since last year.
    Jumps are still at the same height and the tricks learned this summer don't seem to have been memorized by the muscles.
    Hopefully that's just because I need to warm up.
    Let's see tomorrow.
    Our bungalow is great, at night quite noisy because of the wind blowing through it and not sure what animals playing around - being surrounded by nature feels good.Read more

  • Day5


    December 30, 2017 in Sri Lanka

    Board rescue reporting for duty! Wojtek is close to being able to ride upwind but for now loses the board every now and then so his supportive brother brings it back to him.
    We've got internet now - installed a local sim card on my brother's phone so I can finally upload pictures with my blogs! 15gb of data for 6 USD. Same amount in roaming fees would have cost us 225'000 USD - it's absolutely not a joke (actually it is, a bad one).
    We played some drinking Jenga game yesterday with Stephane and Bao (2 of the owners) - really makes you careful.
    Read more

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North Western Province, Nordwestprovinz, Северозападна провинция, Nordokcidenta Provinco, Provincia Noroeste, استان شمال غربی، سری‌لانکا, Sri Lankan luoteisprovinssi, Province du Nord-Ouest, उत्तर पश्चिमी प्रान्त, Provincia Nord-Occidentale, 北西部州, ჩრდილო-დასავლეთი პროვინცია, 북서부 주, वायव्य प्रांत, Noordwestelijke Provincie, Prowincja Północno-Zachodnia, Noroeste, Северо-Западная провинция, වයඹ පළාත, Nordvästprovinsen, வட மேல் மாகாணம், Північно-Західна провінція, شمال مغربی صوبہ، سری لنکا, 西北省

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