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  • Day45

    Hike and games

    December 21, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Because of the lack of reachable inexpensive alternatives, we decided to go to the close national reserve. When walking to the bus for the second time (as the first time it seemed our timetable information was off by an hour) it started raining and wouldn't stop for a while. We were considering taking the bus back immediately without even getting off but then thought that was just too lame. After being punched in the face by the horizontal rain (yeah it was windy again) for a while, it finally stopped and got sunny again. We did a round trip of 10 km through some nice but not spectacular forest and then went back to the city.

    In the afternoon we played some new board games at a game shop. One of them was about racing so that made Machiel happy. It was cool to play some board games (for free!) as we obviously don't carry ones ourselves with us.

    Our last day in Patagonia ended with one of the typical 6 euro menu's you can often find around the country. Weird to think that our time in Patagonia was over but to be honest we also had a bit enough of the strong winds and the cold and we're looking forward to a warmer climate.
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