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  • Day80

    Between E and A

    January 25 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Machiel had already woken up with a partially deflated mattress for a few nights now, so once again Operation 'Find The Leak' had begun. This time not with a hose on the grass, but in a playground pool at a park next to our campsite. Once again it seemed like a hopeless mission, until we heard a sissing sound and then consequently saw bubbles going up from a hole so small it was impossible to see. We didn't have time to patch it as we had to check out of the campsite. But it wasn't hard to remember where it was as it was on a circle right in between the 'E' and the 'A' of its brand 'Sea to Summit'. By now Machiel's mattress is nicknamed Seal to Summit.

    We hadn't slept too well for some nights and had some busy nights, so we decided to take it slow. We bought groceries, had lunch in the park, wrote some blogs, had a walk through the historic city center and then made our way further south. We decided to skip the Moeraki boulders because it was raining and it looked very busy even though it wasn't anywhere near low tide which is when you can see them. Instead we went to Shag Point, where we were the only ones enjoying a short walk at the coast to see some lazy seals. We were lucky as the sun was shining again.

    Shortly before reaching Dunedin, we pulled into a free campsite. It wasn't 18:00 yet but it was already very crowded. We managed to find a small spot for our tent and car. Then it was time to fix Machiel's mattress. While the campsite itself wasn't so nice because of the crowds the nearby beach was and provided a good evening walk.
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