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  • Day81

    Following Suzanne's advice

    January 26 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We have had some very cool but very long days. So we really needed some rest. Also, we were running behind in picture backups, our devices batteries were almost empty and we still hadn't figured out what to do on Fiji or afterwards. On the way to the campsite we visited Port Chalmers which offered a nice view over the Otago peninsula and harbour. There was a campsite nearby in Dunedin where lots of reviews commented on the free unlimited quick WiFi. So the decision was made - we spend our day here. Dunedin also provided the facilities to help Machiel to a less tired spork. He went for Dutch Orange.

    The campsite turned out to have quick WiFi indeed, so that was great. We store all our pictures on Google Drive, and at this point we were running some weeks behind, which isn't a safe feeling. The campsite wasn't bad either for the rest, just incredibly cramped.
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