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  • Oct2

    Pajares To Bendeunos

    October 2, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    What a day. Today the trail didn’t seem to know if it wanted to go up or down. There were long stretches of both. The scenery was great as usual. This section was rated 5/5 for difficulty and I now see why. It was like 4 hours straight on the stepper at the YMCA. Even tho it was only 15 kilometres today, it seemed like 40.

    When I arrived at the town where I thought the albergue was, all I found was a sign directing me to a road saying it was another 1.5 Kms away. Of course after going down hill into the town, this road was all uphill at a 30 degree angle.

    I came across another group of houses, and still did not see it. I then stopped and took off my pack, and consulted my iPad guide. Just as I was looking up the albergue phone number, a car came down the road and stopped by me. A very sweet woman asked if I was Terry! My fellow perigrinos Juan and Nicholas had arrived before me, and told her that I should arrive shortly. She came out looking for me. The albergue was just another 500 meters away! There she had prepared a fantastic Asturias style soup for us. This is one of the best albergues that I have every been in, and I would suggest that anyone doing this Camino stop over here.

    Anyway here are some pics.
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