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  • Oct3

    Bendeunos To Pola de Lena

    October 3, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    It was a great little albergue last night in the mountains, and I had a good breakfast of cereal and coffee that was put there by Sara the great hospitalerio.

    It was an extra 1.5 kilometres to get back to the trail signs from the albergue. Our trail friend Nicholas is pushing on an e tea amount today, since he is anxious to continue onto the Primitivo way. Nicholas has been a great fellow perigrino. Buen Camino Nicholas!

    Juan and I have taken a shorter day stopping in Pola de Lena. A nice town with all the services. Juan found a great menu del did place. It started with oxtail lentil soup that was to die for, followed by pork cutlets, and for poster a fantastic cheese cake! Of course a bottle of wine with it all for less than a Big Mac and fries at home.

    It is a lovely municipal albergue here. Juan found a game of chess here and has challenged me tonight!

    After we went out for cider which is famous here. The have a particular way of pouring it. (See video)

    Anyway getting closer to Oviedo.
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