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  • Day9

    History of Hiroshima

    October 28, 2017 in Japan ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    After two trains, we arrived in Hiroshima early afternoon. There were concerns we might be greeted by another typhoon, but to our relief it was only a gentle drizzle we had to contend with, almost refreshing after a couple hot and stuffy train rides (Japan aircon hasnt really existed thus far in our trip).

    Our itinerary today would focus primarily on the most noteworthy historic event in Hiroshima over the last century, the catastrophic devestation of the atomic bomb dropped here at 8.15am on 6 August 1945. The firsr stop was the famous peace memorial museum, which largely lived up to expectations. A little small (as half was subject to renovations) and very crowded, but well laid out and informative (as well as obviously a little harrowing and confronting). Most interesting were artifacts and items retrieved from the incident such as clothes, a melted lunchbox, a watch stopped at 8.15 and more.

    From here we wandered around the surrounding gardens and memorials, most noteworthy the shell of a famous domed building (used as a hall) left as it was after the nuclear blast. We managed to get around just before the rain intensified and all kept relatively dry. A short but crowded tram ride soon had us back at New Hotel Hiroden which was the largest and nicest hotel by far in Japan so far.

    Dinner tonight wasn't too far away and it sure was a tasty one. A real 'Hiroshima speciality' called Okonomiyaki, basically a big savoury pancake with cheese, cabbage, meat and other things (of your choice) cooked on a grill before you. Absolutely delicious. The drinks to follow in a small laneway were the first time Ive felt 'ripped off' in Japan so far. The whole thing was seedy and overpriced.

    Tomorrow, weather permitting, we're hoping to visit Miyajima island. Stay away typhoon! Fingers crossed.
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