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  • Day12


    February 7, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Pulling open the drapes of our cabin today was less inspiring. Melbourne presented a dreary, foggy, overcast welcome. We were mostly packed and ready to go, just Rylands cot and a few bits and pieces to throw together.

    Time enough for one last breakfast, just, after how long and sketchy it was with service. The disembark process wasn't one of the best... slow, congested, disorganized. At least it gave Ryland some exercise time to have one last run around decks..

    Eventually we were off.. but with no trolleys or pick up access to the terminal I had to enter hulk/beast mode to pack-mule bags and Rylands cot to where dad was waiting with our car around 10am.

    We've enjoyed the trip overall, and glad we did it. Travelling with a young one was a real challenge and eye-opener but also very rewarding. We wouldn't prioritize cruising with Carnival again, nor prioritize the pacific/ same ports again. I feel like I need a holiday to recover from this holiday! (Though I've said that before!).

    We're proud and happy though that we can confidently say Ryland enjoyed himself. It was a great test/learning experience for him and I'm proud how adaptable, open, inquisitive, excited and fearless he was about everything. I feel things will get easier with him as he grows older. Overall trip review, probably a 6/10.

    Until next time, I'll look forward to our next adventure, when/wherever that may be.
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