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  • Day15

    Sunshine Coast (the BC version!)

    April 5, 2015 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Happy Easter everyone!!
    This weekend we set off for a weekend away to the Sunshine coast with Dhileep ("im not indian") and Emily ("im scared of being scared"). A late booking meant we were lucky to find accomodation and ended up all in one bedroom.. it was going to be cosy!
    Super lucky with the weather with torrential rain when we first arrived but clearing 2 hours later and ended up sunny all weekend. Hurray!
    First adventure for the day was driving down to skookumchuck rapids.. the man on the ferry told us stories of giant rapids and whirlpools sucking in boats as the tide comes in and out... We were pretty keen to check this out! We arrived an hour before peak tide and set off on our 4km trek through some beautiful forest.. the rapids were good but I think the man may have exaggerated a tad! No whirlpools the size of boats however it was pretty cool watching the kayakers attempt the rapids. Apparently the water runs up to 30mph.
    Back to Sechelt for a delicious pub dinner by the water (best ribs ever!).. good food and company made for a great day :-)
    Day 2- more hikes through some giant trees and a visit to Smugglers Cove, where the "man on the ferry" claimed there would be beavers there building dams... No beavers. We did see some beaver dams though so not all lies!
    All in all a great weekend with friends, some leisurely hikes and stunning scenery. Thanks for a great weekend guys!
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