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  • Day22

    Big Island Day 2 (Kona and South Point)

    April 12, 2015 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Big day on the island! After sorting out our plans for the day, brekky and a stopover at Subway (the staple food item of choice since cost cutting measures were implemented), we headed South in our little red car.

    First stop the "coffee shack", a modest looking establishment with a stunning view from the back terrace. 2 locally grown kona coffee lattes please!

    Next stop Miloli for a nice little hike through some lava rock and interesting vegetation. Then, onwards to South Point!

    South Point, aka "Ka Lae" ("the point in Hawaiian) is the southern most tip of all of the united states. Stunning views of the Pacific ocean from the impressive cliff face stretch along the entire coast. But, that's not the main reason we are here... We were told it is a well known place for locals to cliff jump.. Eek!

    And we did it! 3 times! (for suki.. not by choice, someone may have missed the Kodak moment the first 2 times). Pretty scary! But exciting! Plus the view from the bottom was awesome.. crystal clear water and there was even a big blow hole which the tide rushed in and out of.

    Homeward bound after an exciting day and lucky us got a free feed and booze from our air bnb hosts who were hosting a party at the house! Fun night getting boozy with the locals.
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