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  • Day79

    Surfing and Bonfire

    June 8, 2015 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌬 2 °C

    Awoken by howler monkeys in the morning we start the day with a bit of hammock time and chit chat. Lindsay has decided to head back into town for groceries so we can cook a feast tonight and then make a bonfire on the beach- woohoo!

    We also move to a new accomodation today. The hostel is great but we found a special little place available that was just too good to miss. Run by a lovely lady called Dunia she is in the middle of constructing a set of 3 little cabins/ apartments just down the hill. The place is stunning. Everything is beautifully crafted and made with love. She's even left us a bowl of fruit and made us some elderflower iced tea as a treat. We could live here :-)

    A bit of surfing in the afternoon and back home for some rum and fresh fruit cocktails and chicken fajitas for dinner. Vish and Kitty come over and we set off to the beach for our bonfire! Unfortunately its a windy night and all the driftwood is a bit damp so after a few failed attempts, no bonfire :-( We settle for watching the lighting storm light up the sky instead.

    Poor Lindsay discovers today she had money and credit cards stolen from her wallet in Ometepe :-( Makes us remember to always be cautious and not get complacent.
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