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  • Day162

    San Sebastian

    August 30, 2015 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    As we arrive Suki throws up and Trav is
    holding it in as he leans over the canal. It was a transfer from hell with one of the volunteer surf camp chicks attempting to drive the van. After getting lost we made it to the city but her 3rd world driving skills and windy roads left most of the van ready to chunder. Luckily Trav realized we were only a short walk from our airbnb accommodation and we practically jumped out on the side of the road.

    We check in to our airbnb place and met by our lovely host Eva who proceeds to wrote down a dozen recommended pintxos (tapas) bars in old town. After watching an amazing sunset we stroll into old town and check out the block of pintxos bars. It's Saturday night so it's packed with people and impossible to move so we settle for a quick snack then sit down at a quiet burger bar.

    The next day we sleep in and walk a short 5 mins to the surf beach. With a weeks worth of surf camp it's time to test out our new skills. We find a place to hire 2 x 8ft long boards and hit the waves. It's a refreshing change from the subpar conditions at Moliets and in no time we're catching waves including a awesome green wave together. The swell is unpredictable and as the tide rises the waves become huge and crash right into the shore. We have some tapas and wash it down with sangria and Lambrusco before taking a picturesque stroll up the mountain overlooking the city with unbeatable sunset views. As the sun sets we walk back into Old Town to catch up with a friend we met at Surf Camp and dine at a few select Tapas bars.

    Last day so we decide to walk to the other side of the city and catch a diagonal elevator to another city lookout with an adventure park up the top. The weather has cooled down and it's a relaxing sipping beer overlooking the city. One of the attractions is a massive owl that can sit on your arm if you're willing to pay.

    A long walk back to the airbnb place to grab our bags and it starts to pour. We're saturated by the time we reach the bus station and have to change our clothes. It's a nice stay at the airport hotel and we binge watch Blacklist as we prepare for our flight to Germany tomorrow to begin our 2 month volunteering gig at a Husky Farm!
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