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  • Day213

    Kyoto- Temples and Geisha!

    October 20, 2015 in Japan ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    We (Suki) officially love Japan!! Words can't describe it... Theres just such a nice feeling here. People are so friendly and helpful, everything is organized, pretty, traditional... Its got everything!

    First day in Kyoto we had a much needed sleep in before heading to Nan zin temple and then the Philosophers walk to Ginkakuji temple, with a much needed Ramen lunch stop on the way (which was delicious by the way). We even manage to run into Pratty and Katie who we were trying to meet up with so that worked out perfectly! We make plans for dinner in evening and head off again in different directions.

    Gion is the traditional area most famous for its old style tea houses, restaurants down little alleyways and most importantly, Geisha! (who are notoriously hard to spot though. We meet up with Pratty and Katie and have dinner "Japanese style" kneeling on the floor of a traditional restaurant feasting on a 6 course tasting menu. After dinner we wander the streets of Gion a bit in attempt to spot a Geisha. We see a taxi waiting outside a non descript wooden building and are convinced some Geisha action is taking place.. we loiter 10m away like stalkers only to see a businessman and what looks like his wife and mum eventually board the taxi. Fail. A few minutes late we think we see a Geisha walking down the dim lit street and stalk her for a bit.. yes, we were those tourists! We left the poor girl alone after following her for several hundred metres. Geisha stalking failed, we settle for an ice cream and head home for the evening.
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