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  • Day220

    Owl Cafe.....hoot hoot + ASIMO

    October 27, 2015 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Most people have probably heard of the popular 'cat cafes' throughout Japan where you can pop by for a coffee and be surrounded by bout an Owl Cafe! We booked the night before and we're lucky to get a 1 hour time slot.

    Patiently we wait outside the Owl Cafe and get given a massive info book providing some good background and tips on how to handle the birds. Its time to go inside and we enter fancy posh looking white room with gentle background music. We wash our hands with antiseptic alcohol and set down as the tables as the 20+ owls patiently sit on their perches. Its quite surreal.....the owls range from 180g to 5kg in size in numerous different colours. Were joined by 8 others in our group and the hosts slowly make their way around and ask which owl we would like to spend time with (we only get to choose 2!). After a photo shoot we sit down with an owl on our arm. They all have a little collar attached to the leg and the rope is wrapped around our hands - sometime the bigger ones like to fly over and attack the smaller birds. Most of the owls are well behaved except for one rebel who persistently kept walking up Travs arm until he could sit on his head!

    Next stop we travel to the Honda Welcome Centre just in time to see the daily performance of ASIMO (allegedly the most advanced human like robot in the world). After watching Honda try to bore us with a robot unicycle contraption, ASIMO walks out to greet us. Honda have been working on prototypes for over 30 years and its pretty impressive what ASIMO can do. Although were limited to a short display with some jogging, hopping on one leg and other human like movements, there are clips on the internet of him playing soccer with President Obama!

    Suffering from 'fomo' and food anxiety, Suki convinces Trav that they should return to Takeshita-dori Lane for more food. This time we ordered a green tea icecream and red bean crepe - this thing was the bomb. It took about 20mins to get threw the line but with over 100 options you need that time just to decide on what to get.

    Back at our airbnb apartment (hosted by a weird Japanses guy who has been away all weekend - Trav thinks he's dead) Suki cooks up our final meal and we wash it down with some brilliant Japanese Whisky. Tomorrow we return home to Australia.
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    Wow amazing view 🤗

    Carol Cohn