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  • Day180

    Spitzkoppe and Erindi

    March 13, 2020 in Namibia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Today started with a tour around the Spitzkoppe massif. First stop: "Bushman's Paradise". To reach it, we have to climb up a sheer rock face, pulling ourselves up using a chain bolted to the rock. We are much quicker than our guide, who pulls himself up after us, panting heavily in the morning sun. He leads us down into the "Paradise", and shows us a wall covered in rock paintings that date back thousands of years, daubed in a blood mixture by the San Bushmen. One painting shows a Rhino, which points in the direction of water. One painting shows a Rhino, which points in the direction of water. The guide has a tendency to repeat everything twice. He also points us to a spot, about halfway across the wall which is blank. He explains that tourists would come and throw water over the paintings, as it makes them stand out for better pictures, but also ruins it for everyone who comes after.

    After a tour around the rest of the massif, along with more rock paintings, we leave Spitzkoppe behind and head to Erindi, a private game reserve about halfway to Etosha.

    Unfortunately, Google Maps isn't so great at navigating the small dirt roads of Namibia, and we get lost near the reserve, with Google telling us to take farm tracks that are impassable. We get a little nervous as we lose signal and head deeper into the bush, though the ostrich running in front of our car, and the antelope lazily watching us do something to lift our spirits.

    We eventually find our way (after heading through a farm gate), and reach the park in the early evening. We set up camp, and, amazingly, we're welcomed by a small herd of Dik-Diks- the world's greatest animal. They aren't shy, and come right up to us, reaching our knees.

    We have a Braai, cooking a game sausage over a wood fire and enjoying some nice South African wine from the Wine Regions.

    We're starting to get a little concerned about Coronavirus, and so we book a flight with BA, from Windhoek to the UK via Johannesburg.
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