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  • Day173

    Cape Town to Windhoek

    March 6, 2020 in Namibia ⋅ ☀️ 37 °C

    Leaving South Africa today to head to Namibia, the final country on our adventure. We've had a great time in South Africa. It felt like a lot more of a normal holiday than a backpacking adventure, for good and bad. It was much more comfortable, the food and beers better; but, it lacked the real sense of adventure that we came to Africa for, and was full of annoying tourists (not that everyone we met was annoying!).

    To get to Windhoek, we need to take a 26 hour bus ride. Fortunately, it's on the Intercape bus, which, as we discovered on the journey to Joburg, is the most comfortable bus ever.

    At the border, we need to be tested for Coronavirus. Just today, South Africa has had its first confirmed case. We have our temperature taken, and submit a small health questionnaire before we are let into Namibia.

    At the service stop just after the border, Chris makes a fateful decision to order a late-night burger from Wendy's. It's a little mushy, and before we get into Windhoek, his belly is cramping up. We spend the next day and a half in bed whilst Chris shakes his food poisoning.

    The following night, Chris' stomach is strong enough to allow a meal out. We head to a well known spot- Joe's Beerhouse. Here, they cook all different types of game meat, and we order a platter of Springbok, Oryx, Kudu and Zebra. It's pretty good, and although we do feel slightly guilty about eating these nice animals, we remind ourselves that chickens, pigs and cows are also animals. Getting back to our vegetarian credentials, perhaps?

    The next morning, we pick up our hire car. It's a beast, a huge 4x4 pickup with a rooftop tent. We drive it deep into the desert, mesmerised by the vast Namibian landscapes. It feels like true adventure. That evening, we camp just inside the Sossusvlei National Park, inside the Namib desert.
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