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  • Day8

    Wasini- more adventures in paradise

    September 23, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We wake up in paradise and have another incredible, locally-sourced meal for brekkie, washed down with some more of that amazing Kenyan coffee. This morning we are joined by a blue monkey that keeps trying to steal food from the kitchen (and successfully manages to do so!)

    After breakfast, we head into the mangrove forests on the southern side of the island (the island is small enough that walking from the northern to southern side only takes ten minutes). The entire shoreline on the south side is flanked by mangroves, so thick that you can't see through. It's incredibly muddy but we head in and notice that whenever we move, tiny crabs run down into their little holes. There are so many crabs that each step seems to turn the ground from the greenish-black of the crabs to the beige of the sand.

    On the way back, we treat ourselves to fresh tamarind juice out of a cooler near the football club. It's made from the tamarinds from the huge tree looming over the central square of the village, costs about 10p, and tastes incredible.

    At dinner, we eat with some new arrivals, two groups of girls from Germany and Spain. The girls from Spain seem not to touch their giant lobster, caught specially for them that day, which is a shame. We, however, wolf down our delicious crab.

    The next morning, we hear reports that a pod of dolphins has been spotted in the channel. The groups of girls have decided to splash out on expensive boat rides to see them, but we opt for the more budget-friendly option of renting the kayak. We paddle out, and spot the tourist boats heading for the eastern shore. We pump our arms and try to head there, but it's still over half an hour before we reach the end of the island. By which point, the dolphins have moved just beyond the headland. Unfortunately for us, that would mean navigating the large waves that crash into the jagged headland rocks, so we decide not to risk it, and paddle back.

    With heavy hearts, we leave the island. We've really enjoyed our time here and are slightly reluctant to head back to the bustle of Kenya.
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