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  • Day5


    August 21, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    I needed to be at the bottom of the Montmarte hill by 12.00 midday in order to make it to my entry time stamp of 1-1.30pm at the Louvre.

    This meant catching 2 train lines and lining up for security, for ticket collection and to get into the louvre from the pyramid entrance.

    Well I had no clue what to do, but had every faith in myself to just work it out, and make it happen. It did, I was inside the Louvre in approx 20 minutes.

    Online booking meant I already had my ticket. Time stamp meant had a fastpass in a 30 minute window. I walked past huge lines inside. Until The Mona Lisa!

    I was heading to Vermeer's 'The Lace Maker' in Richelieu wing as this area would be quieter. Not this time. They had moved the Mona Lisa in a room right next to my painting!!!

    Dumbasses. Bloody renovations. I asked staff which direction for Vermeer. They smiled at me as if to say you poor girl, wanting to see a painting next to the most famous one in the world.

    They got it. This was my experience with every staff member I chatted to in the Louvre. They sit there all bored. Then I walk up to them. You see I tried to speak French to them, failed miserably, I would say the magic word 'englais' to them, then their faces lit up with big smiles. They could see in me my joy to be there, a willingness to try to adapt, stuffing it up but smiling anyway. Now where can I find Delacroix?, Canova? and so on.

    Julie asked me to find Eugene Delacroix's 'Frightened horse leaping from water' in lithograph. I looked, nothing in the French artists section. I asked where it is? I was told that if I came back tomorrow, and booked a time, the director could take me into a special room to see the drawings. You see the drawings are not on display, due to their delicacy. Well so sorry Jules I am not coming back tomorrow as will be flying to Italy.

    Walking the Louvre by myself, best thing in the world.

    My arts history teacher, Mr Ross Miller, has taught me about these world famous paintings and artists with huge passion when I was 16 years old. Every slide he showed me has stuck.

    I treat these works of the masters of any era like my old friends. Even tearing up, when I face one unexpectedly. Recognition. I totally know these guys. I see a painting and the artists name comes out of my mouth. I get to really celebrate my own appreciation for these works.

    I eat Quiche at the corner Cafe while staring through the windows at the crowds outside the pyramid.

    I come across my favourite pieces - Canova's 'Cupid and Psyche' and 'Winged Victory of Samarance' (Which always reminds me of Carolyn)
    Bought them on way home in a model shop for 10 euro each. In Louvre were 110.00 euro.
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