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  • Day27

    Cina Manto 'A Rainy Day In New York'

    September 12, 2019 in Greece β‹… πŸŒ™ 22 Β°C

    We catch a bus to Old Town Mykonos at 7.00pm.

    Athena is fascinated when we hit the floor running in the town. She is wide eyed at the colourful windows and doorways. 'Love the blue the most' she says.

    I manoeuvre through the streets in the direction I walked earlier today, when I first discovered the cinema.

    I open Google maps and find I am 2 mins away. So we follow the dotted blue line. And here it is. A small alcove under trees, with chairs all lined up. It is beautiful. Reminds me of many old fashioned movies.

    The ticket lady will appear at 8.00pm, so we hit a restaurant at the corner.

    Athena has the fried squid and I choose the prawns in mustard and garlic sauce.
    OMG. Devine.

    They give us a shot of something (not Ouzo) and it ends the meal well.

    We get our tickets and take a seat in the open air.

    Kittens are everywhere sneaking around our feet. Meowing for food. I fight my natural urge to pick them up.
    Some people are eating dinner, some drinking.
    I have an ice cream that I left too long and it has melted everywhere.

    The movie starts bang on 8.30pm and we sit back and be entertained in the manner of Woody Allen.

    I can see Timothy has soaked up the Woody Allen mannerisms and his true New York voice is over emphasised in this film. Elle Fanning plays cutsie girlfriend and Selena Gomez plays the sharp, witty distraction. Jude Law is unrecognisable with an American accent.

    The movie tries, as always, to be New York cynical, only to find out that the truth of any matter will set you free.

    It ends and I expect the lights to come up in the cinema. But there are only side lights and tree lights.

    We are tired and head directly to the buses for our hotel.

    On our way through, we see many gay men out and about together. The bars are full of them and an art gallery has an exhibit of paintings of men laying around naked.

    Athena looks at me sideways, and all I say is these boys know how to enjoy life don't they!

    Bed at 12.30pm.
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