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  • Day29

    Our last day

    September 14, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    8.00 breaky - so much food!!!

    I call Pete to confirm if she can collect me from the airport. She wiill do, hooray!!
    She is shopping for some essentials, like milk and chocolate with the kids. I see Aidan and Charlotte's smiling faces in our video chat. Aidan tells me he found some bird eggs, which is gorgeous.
    Athena says she doesn't want anyone to come get her.
    Me, I want to see Pete's big smiley face and get a big cuddle.

    At 10am we sit by the pool. It is still windy, but the sun is out and I read.

    An hour later, I go up to get my lilo.
    It tries to get away from me, but I wrestle and succeed.

    In the pool is a different matter. Oh dear. I try to be quiet so not to disturb the sun bakers, but that made it worse. On, off, on, off, straddled, off. Mmmm. Splash, giggle. Slowly I somehow get my balance and just stay there, face down, floating away. With minute movements, I get comfy and woo hoo, I am set.

    Trying not to drown, I keep my head above the water line and proceed to fall asleep in the hot sun. (I felt sure everyone was wishing they had a lilo too, hey Carolyn?)

    I head into Old town once more, I lovr strolling and looking at the shops here. Lots of hand made art.
    I head into a bakery and totally fall in love. All the Greek honey soaked goodies are here. The spinach and feta pastries.

    I sat and ate a walnut honey biscuit. It melted in my mouth and tasted like Christmas. I bought 4 more and some other things.
    (Bakeries and bookstores are my archilles heel)

    (A girl just walked past me eating a Gyro. She exclaimed omg! this is so good.)
    Well I teared up, didn't I.
    I suddenly felt so sad to be leaving all this amazing European/ Mediterranean food behind me.
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