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  • Day147

    Day 147: Travelling and a Reunion

    July 12, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    On the move, up and out of Ireland! Very early start, alarms at 6:30am and packed and out of the house by 7am. Dublin has been a nice town, but neither of us have been super impressed if I'm honest. Definitely some nice parts, but some not so nice parts as well, and aside from a couple of attractions there doesn't feel like much unique stuff here. Though staying so far out of town probably doesn't help our perception!

    Drove across to the docks where we had to check in 90 minutes before our 9am ferry - we were a few minutes late but no dramas. Waited in the car until about 8:55 when we were basically the last car onto the ferry. This one was quite different to our last ferry - almost exclusively for trucks, only a handful of private cars and no foot traffic.

    It left on time, and our tickets included two meals one of which was breakfast, so we helped ourselves to a big serving of buffet breakfast. Fairly traditional English fare: fried eggs, fried bacon, fried potatoes, sausages, beans, toast. I loaded up since we wouldn't be getting another meal until 4pm or so.

    The sail across to Liverpool was scheduled to take 8 hours, so we managed to find a corner with power points, plugged in and got to work. I did a bunch of video work, typed up some delayed journal entries, watched a bit of some TV shows and listened to podcasts. Time passed surprisingly quickly!

    Dinner was reasonable food as well, I had a beef & black bean dish with rice, chips and a side salad. Docked in Liverpool pretty much exactly at 5pm, and since we were one of the last cars on, we were one of the first cars off! Schnitzel was very happy, since the poor little guy had had to spend the whole time sitting in the car on his own. Probably a bit scared, since it was in the bowels of the ship and likely very noisy.

    Drove around Liverpool and up the M62 motorway to Manchester. Originally aiming for our accommodation in the south of the city, I saw on Google Maps that my mum was around (we'd planned to meet them tomorrow night) and figured we might as well drop by and surprise her. Which we did! And just in the nick of time too - they were about to head out for dinner with Rae's mum plus Jennie and family, and were standing around outside waiting for cars! No tears, but everyone was very happy.

    Off to the pub up the road where everyone had a meal; Shandos and I just shared a small plate. Great to see everyone and a quality evening spent with family. Eventually we called time at 9pm since we still had a 20 minute drive to our new accommodation. We headed over and let ourselves into the place, quite a nice ground floor apartment though very hipster. Finally to bed after a very long day!
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  • Day151

    Day 151: Last Day in Manchester

    July 16, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Very little happening today other than working and relaxing. Mum and Rae came by in the evening for dinner, and we went out locally. I'd chosen a pub near the bus stop since it was dog friendly and looked decent, but late-ish on a Sunday night they'd run out of almost everything! Food was OK but not great.

    Afterwards we went for another drink and some dessert at a different bar nearby - this one was much better and had much nicer ambience and atmosphere. Should've come here to start with!

    Said goodbye for what might be the last time in quite a while - I may see them in London, but the next time after that will be quite a while!
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  • Day5

    Tarde de Manchester, parte 1

    August 5, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Tras el café hemos pasado por una oficina de información y por fin hemos tenido un mapa, porque íbamos super perdidos. La oficina estaba al lado del parque Picadilly Gardens, donde había mucha gente ya que hacía y solaco que no veas. Hemos seguido en dirección al hotel, pero hemos entrado al Ardnale (el centro comercial más grande de UK) por verlo un segundo y hemos terminado comiendo allí, en un local de comida de Singapur (no sé cómo es el gentilicio xD) Ana se ha tomado unos fideos de pollo y un rollito estilo primavera pero diferente, y Pablo unos vermicelli con pato.

    Tras la comida, que no hemos sido capaces de terminar (¡los fideos no se acaban nunca!) hemos llegado al hotel, hemos hecho el check-in y nos hemos ido a ver la catedral. De camino, nos hemos cruzado con una manifestación de veganos que nos han dado unos panfletos, a pesar de que Pablo se ha parado a contarles que su mejor amigo era vegano y que por tanto estaba al tanto de todo lo que iba a decirle. Total, hemos cogido los panfletos y visto la catedral, para luego ir a ver el Albert Hall, la biblioteca pública y el Ayuntamiento. Cuando íbamos a seguir, hemos empezado a estar un poco cansados, así que nos hemos quedado descansando en el Monumento a los Caídos, donde hemos escrito esto. Ahora continuamos que la Chinatown de aquí está cerca.
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  • Day3

    Ausflug nach Manchester

    April 2, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Ich finde ja jede große Reise sollte auf einem Bahnhof beginnen. Habe ich das schon mal erwähnt? Und was für große Reisen gilt, kann auch für Ausflüge nicht ganz falsch sein. Also machen wir uns heute in der Früh auf zum Bahnhof und ab geht es mit dem Cross Country Train nach Manchester.

    Auch hier erwartet uns eine ausgeprägte industrielle Vergangenheit und viel Backstein. Jedoch scheint diese Stadt auch geprägt durch chices urbanes Treiben und viel moderner Architektur.

    Unser Weg führt uns zunächst durch die Innenstadt, vorbei an der Town Hall und dem Civil Justice Centre zur beeindruckenden John Rylans Library. Von Außen und Innen vielmehr einer Kirche gleich, ist diese Bibliothek ein echter Hingucker.

    Im Anschluss durchqueren wir das angrenzende neue, modernen Viertel Left Bank und wandern Stromaufwärts zur Kathedrale, vor deren Pforten wir das schöne Wetter für ein Mittagspicknick nutzen. Nach einem kurzen Abstecher ins örtliche Hardrock Café und das angrenzende National Football Museum schlendern wir weiter durch die Innenstadt und dann entlang der Kanäle bis Bridgewater.

    Nach einer köstlichen Stärkung im Hamburgerladen Byron am Piccadilly Garden (der Milchshake ist ein Traum) geht es auch schon wieder zum Bahnhof und zurück nach Birmingham.
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  • Day64

    Ödes Manchester

    July 28, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Eine letzte Anekdote noch zu Liverpool, Bild 6. Wenn Ihr die Königin Victoria auf dem Bild seht, was denkt Ihr Euch? Kleiner Tipp, achtet darauf, was die Statue in beiden Händen hält.
    Zum Abgleich, in der linken Hand hält sie "the ball" und was hat sie in der rechten Hand?
    Nur so viel, es ist nun nicht so, dass ich durch die Städte gehe und überlege, wo ich etwas Versautes hineininterpretieren kann. Das hat uns unsere Stadtführerin als Tipp gegeben, die Königin von dieser Seite aus zu fotografieren ;-)

    Fix ein paar Worte zu Manchester, dies ist schnell erzählt. Es hat den Tag nur geregnet, als ich dort war und eine wirklich schöne Innenstadt konnte ich dort auch nicht ausmachen. Die Züge einer alten Industriestadt sind noch oft zuerkennen.
    Entschied mich also spontan, zum "Old Trafford Stadium" von Manchester United zu gehen und dort eine Stadiontour zu machen. Ich war überrascht wie viel dort los war. Alle 10 Minuten ging dort eine Stadiontour nach der anderen los. Das Stadion ist echt beeindruckend, vor allem, wie dicht man dort am Rasen dran sitzt, echt ein riesen Unterschied zum Olympiastadion :-)
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  • Day2

    Manchester Cathedral

    December 20, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    The Cathedral is old and new. One displayed piece was from 690 AD and some original walls from 1250. The floor, however, was new last year and is heated primarily by two holes drilled deep into the Earth. Part of floor in nave raises and lowers on hydraulic lift with a push of a button.

  • Day149

    Day 149: Relaxing in Manchester

    July 14, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Day off today, quiet and relaxed. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep as I was stressing about returning the car, so I decided to get it out of the way early. Drove to the depot near Manchester airport (only about 10 minutes away), and filled up on the way - this rental company requires a fuel docket from a station within 5 miles to "prove" you've filled up the car. Even if you fill it up and don't have the receipt you get charged 95 pounds for a non-existent tank of fuel.

    I filled up (only 1/3rd tank, since I'd filled up yesterday), and of course as luck would have it - the fuel gauge stopped working. Despite filling up, the gauge didn't move from about the 80% mark, and the "miles to zero" count wasn't right either (it's normally about 310 miles on a full tank, this read 240-ish). Worried, I filled up again until fuel spurted back out of the tank and down the side of the car (less than 1 litre!!).

    Dropped the car off and explained this to the man in the drop-off who said it wasn't a problem, thankfully! He also didn't notice the tiny paint chip on the back of the car from a stone, and the scrape I'd noticed on the first day of hiring, but didn't get noted on the condition report. So I breathed a large sigh of relief.

    Went into the office to sort out the excess mileage payment since we'd gone well over our allocated mileage (which we knew and were prepared for), but it took three of them multiple goes to get it right, and they still kept coming up with the wrong answer! Eventually I had to do the (fairly simple) maths for them.

    days_rented x miles_per_day_allowed = total_allowance
    mileage_end - mileage_start = total_mileage
    total_mileage - total_allowance = excess_mileage
    excess_mileage * 0.18 (pence per mile) = amount_owing (about 120 pounds)

    Initially they tried to charge me 50p per mile, despite the contract showing 18p per mile. I talked them out of that, and eventually after I'd shown them all my working multiple times, they agreed. Then they punched the details into the computer and it showed exactly what I'd already shown them! Why they didn't do that initially is beyond me - either they wanted to scam me and pocket the difference, or they were just dense I don't know. But I paid up and left, happy in the knowledge that they hadn't mentioned pets in the vehicle, or taking it across to Ireland (neither of which were permitted, whoops).

    Got a cab back home where we had some pasta for lunch and then spent the afternoon relaxing and working. Also had a good long nap in the afternoon since I hadn't slept well. Supermarket pizza for dinner again!
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