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    • Day22

      Continuing in La Jolla

      August 20, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      Not a huge amount to report this week. Three weeks today since we arrived unbelievably! It has been very humid when walking, but have managed it most days - have to keep ready for the big walking which will start on Monday week!!

      We have had a full house for the last few days. James arrived back on Monday, with Nando - a Panama cousin - now almost 30, but I first met him when I first minded Cami and James in 2009! He is now an architect. He flew back with James who is strictly a minor. So James reoccupied his downstairs room, with Nando on the sofa down there. We moved up to James’ old room upstairs. School started yesterday, so morning chaos waking up and getting off in time! Cami drives James which is handy…their schedules don’t always coincide, specially during Covid, but they do now. And Lisi drove Nando to the airport for return to Panama this morning.

      Trying to remember individual events…yesterday evening we went over to Anita and Brian’s…they were participating in a trivia quiz by zoom. Brian is active in the Cambridge alumni on the west coast here, and it was Oxford/Cambridge teams versus Harvard/Yale. Rather fun, but via zoom it was a bit long and involved, and the questions were rather esoteric as you can imagine…anyway, fun to see. Michael and Lisi were at a dinner…it has been a ResMed board meeting week.

      But that is now over and we embark on quite a social few days. Tonight we go to a concert - a bit like symphony under the stars, except since our last visit San Diego has build a permanent concert shell for these events. Will have photos next time. And today I am bravely having a La Jolla haircut!! Lisi says her hairdresser is very down to earth and will do whatever I want, so here’s hoping…I have to do something - my hair is falling in my eyes, and there are many weeks to go!! Photo will also follow!

      Then tomorrow Ben and Jeannine will come over in the afternoon for a drink, as last chance to see them before we leave. Didn’t properly catch up at Ben’s party so that will be lovely. Then it is a BBQ at the beach club with people we know…also fun.

      Sunday we have a dinner with all of us plus Peter F and Tama!! So will be able to give first hand report! On Tuesday we have a final dinner at a Mexican restaurant- probably won’t have many Mexican meals in France, then we leave on Wednesday.

      I haven’t got photos of Cami and James properly yet…their lives are rather rushed and chaotic, but will definitely get some before we leave. James is as handsome as ever, taller than me and eats like a horse! Mostly meat and rice! Cami is beautiful and also grown - about Lisi’s height I think. Only one rather lovely photo of Lisi and Nico.

      P.S. now back from haircut! Lovely hairdresser, and feel so much better…photo of the new me, plus some photos that I got from Lisi of James and Cami this week, and of James in Panama…AND great shot of Pete and Cathy on Sunday on Pete’s birthday.
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      Beautiful 😍🥂


      Gorgeous 🤩🐶


      Nice haircut 💇‍♀️ Ma xxx

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    • Day11

      San Diego - Wild, Wild, West 🤠

      May 1, 2022 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      San Diego - nachdem uns die 3 Mio Einwohner Stadt nach unserem LA Erlebnis beinahe vorkommt wie ein gemütliches, kleines Städtchen entscheiden wir uns dazu es hier eben auch gemütlich angehen zu lassen.

      Nachdem uns das Wetter unsere Strandtag-Pläne leider durchkreuzt, entscheiden sich Brian, Bruce und Pam nach einem reichhaltigen Frühstück für eine Partie Billard sowie ein ausgiebiges Tennismatch während Shelby ihrem Shoppingwahn frönt.

      Erst am späten Nachmittag machen wir uns auf in die Old Town von San Diego. So nahe der Grenze zu México liegt Tequila-Duft in der Luft.
      Old Town lässt uns für einen Moment in der Zeit zurück reisen: Hier fühlen wir uns wie die ersten Siedler die hier ankamen. Nun sind wir also angekommen im (fast) echten Wilden Westen.

      Weiter geht's nach Downtown und damit zurück in die Moderne. Erster Stop hier: Das Gaslamp Quater. Die Party Meile San Diego's. Früher Abend noch dazu an einem Sonntag ist hier natürlich nicht so viel los, dennoch erhaschen wir einen ganz guten Eindruck davon was hier vermutlich zu später Stunde los sein wird.

      Den Sonntag Abend lassen wir nun - standesgemäß, wie es sich hier gehört - beim Mexikaner ausklingen.
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      Cool, die Häuser. Wie im Western 👍


      Schanghigh was für ein Aufschlag 👏🏻

    • Day26

      Last days in America

      August 24, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Well, in 24 hours we will hopefully be flying to Europe! A slight feeling of stress, as covid certificates etc required, but we have checked in online, and let’s hope all goes smoothly.

      We have had a busy and lovely last few days. On Friday it was the concert - Beethoven by the Bay. Great all Beethoven concert, and the new shell now built is fantastic…and great acoustics. We sat at a table, had a meal and listened…just perfect. And very pleasant weather…last time I remember it was cold, but no wind this night.

      Then on Saturday there was a BBQ at the beach and tennis club. Lots of food and lots of fun with friends of M and L that we now know quite well (as well as you know people who you only see every few years!). We had been going to have a drink with Ben and Jeannine before, but the days got mixed up and Saturday didn’t work for them, nor Sunday for us.

      On Sunday it was a dinner with Peter and Tama, at an Italian restaurant. Very pleasant and drama free! Tama seemed nice, only comment is that she had trouble finding gluten and dairy free food on an Italian menu, and ended up having a salad. She is very skinny.

      Yesterday we ate at home…Michael cut us some beautiful sashimi from the tuna he had caught on his Mexican fishing excursion recently and it was delicious. And Lisi made a very tasty Panamanian dish - pollo con bolo - chicken and corn and many other yum ingredients.

      Amr and I have been walking (and he swimming as well) and hope we are ready and fit for our upcoming serious spell of walking! It is still so humid, but have checked Burgundy and weather there looks delightfully moderate…phew…

      Just about to leave for our last dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Peter F called and said was there a chance for a meeting before we leave, so he will come too, and Amr and I will walk down to his apartment for a drink first and meet M, L and kids at the restaurant at 7.30. Tama is back in Houston.

      And we FaceTime-ed with Sonny for his 5th birthday on Sunday!!

      Tomorrow the adventure begins, and I will post daily!! But may be a bit erratic during the travelling day…
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      Good luck with the travel day and let us know when you’re in Europe. Let the adventures begin!!


      Have a good flight, can’t wait for news from Paris although it sounds the last few weeks have been pretty good.


      What a flurry of activity before you leave and how wonderful a Beethoven concert (with food)! You’ve met Tama before Paul and me! Safe travels and have a stiff drink on the plane when you get through customs! Xx

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    • Day16

      More than 2 weeks gone

      August 14, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      We’ll it’s now Saturday morning here, and all very peaceful. Cami stayed overnight with a friend last night, and hasn’t surfaced here yet. We have only glimpsed her this week anyway, as she is busy catching up with friends, and fitting in some work she has to do for school, which starts after the summer break next week, and I think college applications, for which it seems they have to write extensive essays!

      Amr has taken a bus to the mall to go to the Amazon store there as his kindle keeps saying he needs a new battery, and Nico and I are peacefully here minding the house. I am making a lasagna for Michael and Lisi’s homecoming dinner (at request). Nico has had his morning walk so he is content except for the worry of the mailman who he barks at daily. Walking Nico twice a day means ascending this VERY steep hill each time, plus again when I go for my own walk!! Good practice at hills, but this one in their street is very extreme.

      Nothing really to report from the last few days. Michael and Lisi in Canada and having a great time at Whistler and last night in Vancouver. Now waiting to board their plane home. Arrive here about 3.30pm. Yesterday we went to another movie!! This time it was good, and we enjoyed it as well as the comfortable chairs! It was Respect, a film about Aretha Franklin. Well done, though quite long. It has been very hot these last few days. No morning fog to start the day, but straight into searing sun, and walking up and down to the village (only about 3.5 km) a very sweaty business. I think I’ll skip my walk today, and do some yoga poses instead. I must do something about my hair…it was long before I left and overdue for a cut, but of course hairdressers closed…am a bit intimidated by the thought of a La Jolla hairdresser, but the alternative is managing it in French in France…must decide soon as it is driving me mad!

      On Monday James returns, and for the first time we will all be together! I’ll try and find some photos, but not many. One of me doing yoga with Nico watching, but will look on Amr’s iPad for more…
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      La Jolla sounds all wistful and dreamy.


      Most impressive yoga pose, Rosie. Here, with the police and the military, and now threats of the riot police to patrol the streets, La Jolla appears as a heavenly dream. Love your photos and the travel diary posts.. Ooodles of love.


      Looking great Rosie! 😂

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    • Day5

      Now Tuesday afternoon

      September 3, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Well it’s now Tuesday afternoon. Since I last wrote we had a lovely visit with Ben and Jeannine with baby Sam on Sunday. Very beautiful baby, now 3 months, and with such a great genetic mix - Ben is Anglo-Chinese, and Jeannine is Peruvian/Lebanese. So no wonder he is gorgeous! We had a late lunch and had the leftovers from the African feast (delicious and plentiful). Peter F was there too, so lovely family gathering. Afterwards we lazed and watched the US open.

      Monday was a public holiday here, so another lazy day. Amr and I walked down to the village quite early but already it was so HOT walking back up the hill. Relaxed afternoon. Michael played tennis in the morning, James had an engagement with friends, and we watched more tennis, read, ate yet more leftovers (I think there are still some left!!) and had a lovely day.

      Today, a normal Tuesday. Kids at school, Michael at work. I went down with Amr and swam laps in the high school pool. Haven’t done that for a long time, but it was good, and a lovely cool thing to do, but by the time we’d walked back we were sweltering again!! Will try to confine the walking to dusk I think. Hopefully the heat will have left London when we get there in a week’s time! Not a lot to say, but all is good.
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      So cute!!


      Beautiful Sam!

    • Day3

      Fun in San Diego

      September 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      It’s now Sunday morning. So I must record our doings before it all disappears into a muddle of times and days! We have been quite active since our arrival Friday morning. On Friday evening there was a party at the Beach Club - a reunion of all the 8 families (including Michael and Lisi) who went to Africa - Tanzania- for an amazing holiday in June. So of course we were included, we knew some of them from before. Probably good for us to be animated and socialise having arrived at 6 am that day, stopped us from falling asleep! Got to bed around midnight I think.

      Woke about 8 Saturday. This household still asleep as it often is on weekends, so Amr and I set off for a walk down to La Jolla village, had a coffee at a favourite coffee place, and I walked back (quite hot and sweaty - it was cloudy when we left but that all burnt off and it was sunny and hot...) while Amr stayed and had a haircut at his favourite barber, and a swim at the high school pool!

      A nice relaxed afternoon then we left at 5.30 to go to Bayside Summer Nights - San Diego Symphony’s equivalent of our Symphony under the stars - lovely event, perfect weather, and a Tchaikovsky spectacular programme! Lisi is a VIP of the symphony being on the board and donors etc, and she had organised a table for us near the stage where we ate dinner first, then sat back for the music!! Perfect. And it was an Australian conductor!!! Great night, great food, great music and I will show photos. To bed again around midnight, so we are getting well acclimatised.

      Now Sunday, and this afternoon Ben (cousin of Michael, Paul and Cathy), his wife Jeannine and their new baby are coming over, and also Peter F. That will be next report!
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      Should add that the symphony concert did not start with a welcome to country, nor did they acknowledge the Gadagal people.


      What prime position! Go VIP Lisi!


      Fabulous pics and you could get used to being treated as VIPs! No Gadagal acknowledged as not on their land!

    • Day1

      Arrived in La Jolla

      August 30, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      I was going to start this blog sitting peacefully in Sydney airport while waiting to board. But checking in was chaotic - actually just bag drop, but we waited for ages while people slowly got processed, repackaged overweight bags etc etc....but after that ordeal all was very smooth. Slept well (with help from serepax) and arrived in LAX at 6 am and this end was super efficient, got through and on to the bus to Union station and managed to get the 8.33 train to San Diego!

      So here we are. Lisi collected us from Solana Beach station. Amr has immediately gone off for a swim at the high school, which closes at 1pm, to loosen up. I am relaxing here, had some lunch and remembered I need to start this blog. It is still August 30 here, so the date is right!

      I may not write up each day religiously while here, but will try and get some photos up. In a week we get the train back to LA and spend 3 nights there before flying to London on Sept 9. We’ll spend 6 nights there and then go to Liverpool for 2 nights, then Buxton in the Peak District with Gill and Bob, then to Carlisle (all these journeys by train) where we meet Carole and John who are walking the Hadrian’s Wall walk with us. That is for 12 days (10 days of walking), then we train to Edinburgh where we can fly direct to Bergen (Oct 3). Then we start our Scandinavian experience - taking a Hurtigruten boat up the coast and into the fjords for 12 days. Amazing. Then we spend a day in Oslo, and 2 in Copenhagen before flying back to LA. Then to Sydney, arriving Oct 26. That is our plan in a nutshell. Details to follow as they unfold!!
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      Nico seems to remember you!

    • Day12

      More La Jolla Life

      August 10, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Our quiet life continues. Saturday was a big event for Michael and Lisi..the annual Jewel Ball. It is a big fundraiser held at the Beach and Tennis Club, a year of hard work by volunteers and a very glamorous event. The Theme was 007 this year. Lisi took Amr and me down to see the venue on Saturday afternoon…fantastic setup, and you could see the effects even without the night and lighting.

      We saw Cami for the first time on Saturday too! So grown up since 2 years ago…she is out and about catching up with friends for the last week before school starts. Lovely to see her and get to know the grown up Cami. I think right at this minute she is at Papa Peter’s apartment using the wifi there for some school work as she is having problems here (though it seems to be working fine for our purposes).

      Sunday our usual day of walking and Amr swimming. Moo barbecued hamburgers for Sunday night dinner…then Monday departure day for them to leave for Canada. Afternoon flight and all smooth till they got into a terrible traffic jam driving from Vancouver to Whistler…a motorcycle accident closed the road for several hours…but from the texts and photos today, all is good there now, and they are now happily ensconced for a few days. Returning Saturday after one night in Vancouver.

      Dinner with Anita and Brian last night. We are now the minders of Nico and he follows me round like a shadow as the current carer! He is very cute. Today Amr and I went to a terrible movie at the Lot in La Jolla. Sci-fi tosh, and can’t believe I sat through it!! Called Suicide Squad. Don’t see it! It was very comfy sitting in the reclining chairs while we watched though!

      Good luck to Liv for her HSC trials!! We send vibes and have to remember the time change…English today.
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      im suprised you even went to watch suicide squad and not surprised you didn't like it


      It was tosh!!!


      Great photo gorgeous material in Lisi’s dress both look fabulous

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    • Day8

      A Week Away

      August 6, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Suddenly we realise we’ve been here for a week! Still enjoying and grateful for our freedom, reading what is going on in Oz with what looks like continuing lockdowns - hope you are not going too crazy.

      We’ve had a lovely week….after the social whirl of last weekend, we have quietly been pottering and exercising…we have been checking if we need testing before our flight to Europe, and it seems as if we don’t which makes us very happy, as one clinic that we approached charged US$299 each!! We could have shopped round and found less I’m sure, but it looks as if fully vaccinated it will be fine. (And I believe there are testing places at the airport if an emergency)…anyway, here’s hoping.

      Have been doing a bit of cooking, but last night we went to a fab meat and whisky restaurant - Huntress. Lisi had seen it mentioned online and decided to try it…a great success. We shared an enormous tomahawk beef, and Lisi and I started with an amazing Penang curry lobster soup…wow, just delicious. And tonight we are going to the Country Club for dinner…pretty fantastic life.

      Special events during the week were Jess’s 20th birthday and we had a lovely FaceTime with her. Can’t believe it….And another special event was Peter and Louise became grandmother and step grandfather…Louise’s daughter Emily had a baby girl. Will include a photo of her communing with Emily’s sister Isabella in London!

      Cami is now on her way back to San Diego…arrives late tonight so won’t see her till tomorrow. So she will appear in next post.

      Just writing again to keep it going…nothing dramatic, all good.
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      That's a lot of meat! 😵


      Looks delicious!!


      What a lovely relaxed week! I also love that we are getting news from around the globe too! Congratulations to Louise and Peter, what a precious baby! Xx

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    • Day23

      Roadtrip - San Diego und Umgebung

      September 28, 2022 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Shortcut der Stationen am Ende meines Roadtrips:
      - Fahrt durch die Einöde und das „Wonder-Valley“ einschließlich „Trump-Land“-omg und Hollywood-Sign like -> „END OF THE WORLD“
      - Oceanside: Strand und Surfmuseum
      - La Jolla: Seelöwen und Touris beobachten
      - San Diego: 48 Stunden mit meinem Reise-Compagnon „Arminius“ -> entspannte, gute Zeit
      - Santa Monica Pier
      - Santa Barbara
      - Big Sur
      - San Francisco
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