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  • Day151

    San Diego

    March 18 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    mit dem weltberühmtesten Zoo. Und da er amerikanisch ist, muss man nicht zu Fuss gehen. Entweder lässt man sich mit einem Bus herumfahren oder man nimmt ein Schwebebähnchen. Dafür gibt es 19 (!) "Dining"-Möglichkeiten.
    Von den bis jetzt besuchten Städten ist mir San Diego am sympathischsten.
    Die Fahrt von LA nach San Diego dauerte jedoch fast doppelt so lange als geplant: Ein geplatzter Pneu und Stopp-und-go-Verkehr auf den 4 Autobahnspuren war Schuld daran.
    Mein nächstes Ziel ist Phoenix. Das ist 1 1/2 Flug von hier.
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  • Day10

    Legoland to Steamboat Springs

    December 23, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Up early again, breakfast was a lot to be desired. No normal butter it was sweetened butter, the breakfast syrup was corn syrup. Thought I would have porridge, only had flavoured porridge so picked cinnamon and spice, so so sweet. Yuck. We caught an Uber to San Diego. Had a nice driver. Only took 35 mins as no traffic jams early Sunday morning. A bit intense going through security, you don't want to be in a hurry. We got here about 3hrs before our flight. Amusing seeing dogs & cat flying in the cabin not in cargo. Time went quickly at the airport, had a good flight. We were greeted by frosty air, boy it was cold. Caught a shuttle to Steamboat Springs, booked in and then needed to do some grocery shopping. The hotel's shuttle doesn't run between 2pm - 6pm. Not wanting to wait we walked to the shops, which wasn't that far and a nice walk but treacherous. I am sure I will end up on my bum and breaking wrist. Shopped at Safeway, very busy but got a few healthy supplies and will go back tomorrow for a few other things. Cannot believe the icicles that hang from the houses. A very frosty walk back and up hill. It was our exercise for the day. Nice to cook for ourselves and eat vegetables for a change. Looking forward to tomorrow to explore the town.Read more

  • Day7

    Last Entry from San Diego

    August 29, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    This will be the last posting from La Jolla. It is Wednesday afternoon, and tomorrow morning we are picked up at 7.30 am (by the famous Andrew) to be driven to Solana Beach station, to get the train to Los Angeles, then the bus to LAX and our flight to Madrid!!! We have already got emails from Lufthansa to check in on line, so it is becoming a reality!

    I last wrote on Monday after our amazing dinner on Sunday evening. Tuesday - yesterday - after the morning walking etc, we had a very nice lunch with Anita and Brian, who took us to a restaurant at Del Mar, lovely coastal town between here and Solana Beach. Had light and delicious crab cakes, as last night we went again out for a great dinner with Michael and Lisi - at Bistro du Marché in La Jolla - yum French food. So nice. Kids did not come as homework time was needed - this term Cami does tennis 4 afternoons - so that is late for starting homework, of which there seems to be a lot. So we had another really good time with M and L...this has been a very good week for us all getting together in a relaxed state - or relaxed for us - Michael has work things, and Lisi does her usual chauffeuring of Cami and James, but this is their normal life.

    So this morning after kid drop off at school, Lisi took Nico to his groomers and the car to the car place to see about the nail in the tire, and Amr went for his usual walk and swim. I had earlier walked Nico (our last walk - Nico is very fond of his granny!), then walked down to the village in time to meet Amr, Lisi and Peter Farrell who had flown in from Houston for a dinner tonight! He goes back tomorrow.....anyway, the 4 of us had a great Mexican lunch and a nice chat.

    Then Amr and I went to see another movie!! This time Operation Finale - about the capture of Eichmann in Argentina- very well done, with Ben Kingsley...excellent...then we walked up back home in the hot sun..good walking practice....and now cooling off, doing our last proper wash of all our clothes. The weather app is frightening me with predicted temperatures in Madrid and Pamplona of over 30° for the next week or so...but when I think of it, the main heat is in the later afternoon when we have finished walking, and the mornings when we start are much more moderate. It is probably not unlike last time we did it, as it is almost exactly the same dates, but then we just didn’t look the weather up on the iPad! So here’s hoping. Next post will be from Madrid!
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  • Day2

    First Full Day

    August 24, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    After having rolling eyes and fighting sleep all day yesterday, went to bed around 10 pm. Lisi had prepared dinner the day before which was lovely, Michael was still at the meeting, Cami and James had appeared but were deep into homework etc...I actually had a good sleep, didn’t even wake when apparently a smoke alarm upstairs in Cami’s old bedroom went off with great noise....Amr went up and saved the day by pressing the off button with James’ toothbrush (only way he could reach up to it!) but thank god I was oblivious...

    Kids had left for school by the time I got up, and Amr was having coffee and breakfast. He hurt his wrist yesterday slipping on some deceptively slimy road...has bought a wrist brace at the pharmacy to immobilise it...luckily not his stick -holding hand, nor his walking legs! So soon Amr left to have his haircut, which was successful this time, and had his annual chat with him. Lisi had to do some meeting at the school, so all peaceful. Then they all returned, and Michael too!! Finally we see him! His work was finished and he had the afternoon to be with us...excellent, so we all 4 went down to a favourite watering hole and had a drink, mini meal (we’d already had a sandwich for lunch) and a lovely relaxing proper catch up. Now back and kids about to arrive. M and L out tonight - already had tickets from long ago for Phantom, and our friends, their neighbours, Anita and Brian are coming over for dinner and games. All good.
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  • Day1

    Settling into La Jolla

    August 23, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Thank you people for answering my email link and sending messages! I wasn’t sure that I would write again just yet, but am inspired to communicate, even though feeling quite jet lagged for once. The problem was that the flight left early morning Sydney time, so we flew all day and landed at LAX at 11.30 pm Sydney time, but 6.30 am California time...so we really didn’t get a proper sleep on the plane, but are a bit wiped out now...we’ll cope. Also, I have to put in one funny (now) thing...I think it’s funny, but it was frustrating then, and Amr probably doesn’t think it’s funny at all...but when we checked into the flight yesterday Amr had a problem (he’d had the problem trying to checkin online too)...but it turned out that his ESTA visa waiver had expired...he hadn’t checked, and was SURE it was still valid....so it can be done at the airport thank goodness, and all was well...just a hassle! Just so glad it wasn’t me that was the flake!

    Anyway, here we are. We got the bus from airport to Union Station, and got an Amtrak train down to Solana Beach where Lisi picks us up, but poor thing she was delayed by an accident on the I-5 ....caused total stoppage of the freeway....at first we thought it was a Panamanian time situation, but no....a real situation! Happy that Nico their sweet but fiercely noisy and protective dog has again remembered us, sniffed and was totally docile on our arrival, and is now sitting beside me on a chair just like the old days.

    So we have unpacked a bit, Lisi had to rush to the school for some event, and will reappear with James at about 3.30, Cami will be at tennis till later, Michael is in Carlsbad till tomorrow for a sales meeting week, and Amr has gone for a walk down to the town to have a haircut at his favourite Vietnamese barber here, and to have a swim!! I think that is very heroic...I am happy just keeping awake and sitting writing this with Nico.

    This is a very mundane entry, and may not write every day while here, but you never know....but just recording our arrival. While at the station we bought the return tickets back to LA for next Thursday when we fly out to Madrid!! Will take a photo of Nico as he looks very cute and clean and groomed (Wednesday is his day!), but no one else here to take photos of. This will come.
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  • Day4

    Saturday in La Jolla

    August 26, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    It’s now Sunday morning, but will write up Saturday - we had a very good day. This household wakes at about noon on weekends, but of course Amr and I woke earlier, and set off at about 9 for our walks...he down to the pool at the high school where he has a swim, and I headed up for my usual walk to Mt Soledad. Very glad we went early as already it was hot and humid - had forgotten how humid La Jolla can be....then on arrival back, everyone had emerged, and I took Nico for his morning walk - our tradition!

    So we all relaxed quietly for a while. The day plans were a party at the Beach Club for the son of friends who was leaving to go to boarding school. We were invited, as we knew them and in fact we visited with them in Sydney and took them to Tapa Vino! It turned out that Moo and Lisi couldn’t go as they had double booked accidentally and were committed to a special fundraising event, but we went with Cami and James and had a great rime.

    Lisi had to go to the mall to get a present for the party that afternoon, so Cami and Amr took up the mall opportunity and Michael and I stayed home and had a good bonding session....M and L dropped us at the Beach Club on the way to their event, and collected us after...worked well. The party was actually lots of fun...we knew quite a few people, and it wasn’t huge - probably about 20 or less adults, and the kids (mostly teenagers now)....and the beach is always a beautiful spot for a party. Amr only got one photo of James before it got too dark, and when we got home at about 11, he and Michael had a bonding cigar and i caught that moment. Soon I will get some more family photos....
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  • Day5

    Cruising in San Diego

    August 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Another catchup of what is happening here. I think I last wrote yesterday morning - now Monday afternoon. I haven’t mentioned that on Saturday Michael and Lisi found that 2 of their cars were out of action!! M went to drive his Ferrari for the first time since being away...about 4 weeks, and it was dead. Actually the man is here now and is charging the battery, think that is all it needs, but of course being so dead the key would not unlock anything so it was hard to get to it! A first world problem. Then the car washer found that there was a nail in a tire of the Range Rover! So the Audi was IT for the weekend...but today M drove the Audi to work, and Lisi has used the Range Rover, which seems so far to be coping with its nail and not losing air, for essential driving - school pickup etc...it is booked in for Thursday I think!

    So yesterday was a relaxed time after walking....very pleasant...and then last night Michael took us to a lovely restaurant- in San Diego! In Little Italy. We realised that in all the years we have come here, we haven’t actually eaten out in the city itself...often in La Jolla and nearby. So that was fun and different, and an absolutely gorgeous meal, and of course amazing wines. Kids now old enough to stay home alone...

    Today we walked - have to keep in practice - Amr went via the pool as usual, and I did a circuit aimed to meet together, and with Lisi, at the cinema in LJ, and we watched Papillon. Excellent...and at 11 am on a Monday we were the only people in the cinema, sitting in super comfy chairs!! Then after we went to a taco joint and had delicious lunch...that will be my meal for the day. Both M and L are out tonight, so we will have toast or leftovers....perfect. Will put a few photos, and hope I haven’t missed anything vital!
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  • Day2


    December 31, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    The highlight of San Diego was the MS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. We spent 3 hours exploring the immense ship and only saw a portion of the exhibits. They allowed us to return the following day to complete our tour, another 3 hours. The Midway is run by volunteers and receives no government funding. We’ve always been fascinated by these carriers in the middle of some ocean with aircraft coming and going day and night (which we learned occurs every 45 seconds!). The Americans have a very high regard for their military.

    JS’s knees and hips are troubling him again, compounded by the regained weight since April. We never made it to the Gaslight historic area or to the famous zoo and I had to readjust some of our dinner plans that were too far for him to walk. I’ve realized that I will have to lower my expectations in terms of activities for this trip.

    Day 2 and I took my first tumble....rainy, dark unlit street, turned to give JS directions, and the curb attacked me! Minor abrasions and no fractures. This newly diagnosed osteoporosis is going to be a challenge for me as I always was a clumsy kid!
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  • Day4


    January 2 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    We picked up our rental car, which was a bit of a fiasco because the Hertz location was closed due to computer issues so we had to be shuttled to a different location. After a long delay we headed to a popular National Monument which was closed due to the government shutdown. We ended up in the adjacent National Cemetery for a moment of reflection and a good view of the city. We had lunch at the top-rated Mexican restaurant in San Diego near the touristy Old Town, where San Diego originated. Old Town is a state park but it’s very commercialized in true American fashion.

    Our home for the next 4 nights was at the Marina Suites in Oceanside, a small beach town an hour’s drive north. The one bedroom timeshare unit was dated but clean and right on the oceanfront. The location was convenient for day trips to La Jolla and Laguna Beach, two of my favourite spots. We drove along the Pacific Coast Highway and I was able to show JS the different resorts I had stayed at 3 years ago. The weather continued to be cool, in the low teens, and cloudy.
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  • Day15

    Regnerischer Tag im Fashion Valley

    March 2 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    Heute hat es das erste Mal auf unserer Reise geregnet. Die San Diegoer waren schon ganz aufgeregt, weil das hier nicht so oft passiert. Die Jungs haben den Tag verschlafen gestartet und nach dem Frühstück im Auto geschlafen. Solange haben wir uns Coronation, eine Insel vor San Diego angesehen. Hier gibt es einen tollen Strand, den wir vom Auto aus angesehen haben:-) Danach wollten wir zum Children’s Museum, aber das war wegen des Regenwetters überfüllt. Also sind wir kurzerhand shoppen gegangen. Victor hat bei Abercrombie abgestaubt und Andy hat sich eine Uhr gegönnt. Den Tesla haben wir bestellt. Abendessen gab es beim Mexikaner.Read more

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