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  • Day25

    We've spent four days in our final and southernmost destination. The first two days we camped on Silver Strand State beach. A very nice place to camp, almost right on the beach with several miles of beach to walk or jog and enjoy the many shore birds. My favourite was the pelican. I loved watching them hovering and circling about five metres over the ocean and then diving straight into the water for fish.

    During the first full day in San Diego we bought all day metro passes and took the bus into downtown. We walked and shopped and then caught a train out to Fashion Valley, a large shopping centre and shopped some more. We then caught the train back but got off in Old Town to walk around. We also decided to return to Fred's for a Mexican dinner. We had been there before on our last trip to San Diego, about five years ago.

    On the second day, we had to pack up the trailer and move it to the KOA as SS only had room for us for two nights. It was only a 20 minute drive. Before doing so though, we started our day as we have on most days, with a 30 minute run on the beach after coffees.

    After setting up camp at the KOA, we hopped in the truck and drove to the Mexico US border. We parked at a large outlet mall for free instead of paying $15 at the official lot. We had no wait or trouble getting across the border and had a great day, walking along Avenida de la Revolution and up to a large farmers market and shopping centre. We caught a cab back to a spot near the border and did a bit more shopping. Then walked back to the US and shopped in the huge outlet mall where we were parked. On the way back to the KOA we picked up groceries and then had a late dinner back at the campsite.

    Today was our last day, and although it was cloudy decided to go to the beach. We went to Ocean Beach first thinking it was where we were last time in SD. It was busy with a surfing competition going on. We asked and found out we wanted to go to Mission Beach, only a short drive away.

    On arrival at the boardwalk we were approached by a family leaving to catch a plane who had two extra boogie boards they didn't want and offered them to us for a very good price. So, we now had four good boards. We all got out on the water and had a good time catching waves. It wasn't too warm though so we didn't stay as long as we might have otherwise. But it was getting time to make dinner and we had lots to look forward to doing back at the KOA.
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  • Day14

    Up 8.30 after pretty good sleep once I'd settled. Had tea/fruit/weetabix - all left for us by V. P & V gone to do some work. Wandered around the estate and took pics. Paul then back so we returned car. All seems fine but girl mentioned mark on bumper. She said we're not liable because we had full cover but we certainly didn't do it.

    Paul told us about fires 10 years ago - area had to be evacuated. Has been drought in recent years but much rain last winter so has eased.

    Sat watching humming birds, beautifully coloured butterflies, turtles, coi, avocados, pomegranates, tomatoes - very fertile land.

    Had tuna sandwich Virginia style (delicious) then out 2ish.

    45 min drive to Dana harbour where boat is. Had tea/coffee in harbour cafe then to boat. 41ft cruiser 7.41 twin engine with bedroom/cooker/tv. Took over an hour to get it ready - clean off bird poo etc then 45 min spin in Pacific Ocean then over an hour to wash it down again afterwards Lovely place, lots of seals & seabirds. Huge harbour and beautiful seaside homes. Serious money here!

    Left about 7pm - tea in nearby seaside restaurant Had fish & chips & club sandwich & 2 beers. Quite nice P & V beat us to the bill.

    Home 10ish. Cake & 2 glasses wine. Told them our big news on strict instructions not to it it anywhere near FB!

    Bed 11.30
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  • Day15

    Up 8.30. Another pretty good sleep.

    Tea and fruit for breakfast. Sorted bags, played with dogs and watched garden life. Really beautiful but there is nothing to do here. Everything is so far away! Their house really is fabulous but there is awful lot of their money tied up in it. They both seem to be doing well with their businesses and market conditions and the economy pretty buoyant.

    Had turkey, cheese, avocado, tomato sandwich (V does make some very very nice sandwiches!) then hung around a bit more.

    Left Fallbrook 3ish then hour or so drive to Sam Diego. Parked easily at hotel. Unpacked whilst Andy & V checked in for race and went for coffee.

    Well earned couple of beers 5.30 - local 'craft' beer all $8.

    Had expensive 'pasta party' in hotel. $30 each. Lovely soup then salads, 4 different sorts of pasta (very little meat or fish in any of them) but tasted ok. One beer each.

    Fruit salad with chilli flakes for pudding. New one on me but V says not unusual in this part of the world near Mexico.

    Took some cakes for breakfast.

    Not impressed with hotel. It looks lovely but have to pay $12 per day for wifi, concierge didn't seem to know there is a shop on site when Andy asked about milk and cereal bar for pre race breakfast. Fortunately V been here before so she knew about little shop. Place seems disorganised. Aircon doesn't seem to work and there is a $25 cleaning charge if you store own stuff in fridge. Bought tiny bottle milk & 2 flapjacky things in hotel shop = $12. Ouch.

    Stroll after meal then back to room 9ish. Full of pasta!

    A bit disappointed that have hardly seen anything of town but P & V don't seem to rate it. On the positive side, our legs have had a good rest!
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  • Day16

    Up 4am. Andy out 5am for San Diego 'Finest City' half marathon. V and friends also doing it.

    I met Paul 6.30 and we walked to finish - took about an hour.

    Cloudy but warm.

    V finished just over 2 hours and Andy PW.

    Walked back to hotel - seemed to take forever! Sunny and warm now.

    Hour to regroup then met 11.30. Had a beer & chicken sandwich/burger then out to Coronado island. Very gentile seaside town. Coronado hotel right beside the sea built 1878 - very grand and atmospheric.
    Had icecream/coffee and sat around for a while.

    Drove back across fabulous Coronado bridge - 2 miles long.

    Back for rest and pack 3.30.

    Met 5.30 - P & V took us to La Jolla. Very pleasant seaside town. Dinner at George's. Had calamares/octopus and tacos/grilled chicken. All quite nice but not spectacular. Service v quick. Waiter 'Hope you're having a good day. How can I make it better'. Yuk. V had glass wine and got chopsy - teasing waiters.

    Then walk down to ocean. Hundreds of sea lions playing in the sea and on the beach.

    Back to hotel and couple drinks in the bar. V had another glass of wine and gave us her political views!

    Bed 10.30.
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  • Day17

    Woke up 7ish. Good sleep again. Tea and final pack.

    Checked out 8.15am - we paid for P & V. Total cost about $900. A lot of money but they were so hospitable with us and saved us lots of $.

    Airport 9ish. Higher security than expected - gave Andy thorough check. Sniffer dog in queue.

    Flight 11ish.

    Flight to Vegas only an hour. Airport very near strip. Checked in fine and went to room. The hotel is enormous.....went through casino - garish carpets and bright lights. On 11th floor of famous Luxor pyramid. Room pretty big but a bit tired. No kettle or fridge!! Bad news for me! It's cheap and the lack of facilities explains why.

    Unpacked then out to strip. Hot but not unbearable. Looked for Bank because ATM in hotel charges $8 to withdraw cash. Didn't find so went for beer in Fatbar. Had bacon/sausage/egg butty and a beer. Very nice and quite cheap.

    Bought mini immersion heater for $16 and milk for €3.75 - much cheaper than buying coffee from Starbucks or similar!

    Went into Tropicana for beer - similar garish carpet.

    Then walked/monorail to famous Las Vegas sign. Queues for photos then Elvis arrived with music pack on his belt. Amusing.

    Home for tea and bit of hand washing 5.30pm.

    As expected, will take a while to adjust to this town!

    Out 7.30ish. Dusk and getting very busy. Went to German bar - quite nice then walked to Belaggio to watch the fountains. A bit disappointed really - they didn't do much and we've seen better. Think we must have missed something or they weren't working properly. Tried Double Barrel bar - closed for private function. Tried Beer Garden - closed for private function. Walked miles again and aimed for steak bar we'd seen this afternoon. On 4th floor and no menu visible so didn't bother. Went back to Irish bar in New York - bought beer and tried to sit away from music but they said diners only. We said we might be dining but they weren't interested so we drank beer and left. Went for pizza slices in New York cafe - about $25 and very nice.

    Bought bottle of wine for $30 and back to room 11ish. Tired legs!
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  • Day3

    Balboa Park - according to our friendly host Bill the largest urban park in the US. Lush greenery, San Diego Zoo and lots of museums embedded in stunningly beautiful Spanish colonial architecture.

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