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  • Day22

    Continuing in La Jolla

    August 20 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    Not a huge amount to report this week. Three weeks today since we arrived unbelievably! It has been very humid when walking, but have managed it most days - have to keep ready for the big walking which will start on Monday week!!

    We have had a full house for the last few days. James arrived back on Monday, with Nando - a Panama cousin - now almost 30, but I first met him when I first minded Cami and James in 2009! He is now an architect. He flew back with James who is strictly a minor. So James reoccupied his downstairs room, with Nando on the sofa down there. We moved up to James’ old room upstairs. School started yesterday, so morning chaos waking up and getting off in time! Cami drives James which is handy…their schedules don’t always coincide, specially during Covid, but they do now. And Lisi drove Nando to the airport for return to Panama this morning.

    Trying to remember individual events…yesterday evening we went over to Anita and Brian’s…they were participating in a trivia quiz by zoom. Brian is active in the Cambridge alumni on the west coast here, and it was Oxford/Cambridge teams versus Harvard/Yale. Rather fun, but via zoom it was a bit long and involved, and the questions were rather esoteric as you can imagine…anyway, fun to see. Michael and Lisi were at a dinner…it has been a ResMed board meeting week.

    But that is now over and we embark on quite a social few days. Tonight we go to a concert - a bit like symphony under the stars, except since our last visit San Diego has build a permanent concert shell for these events. Will have photos next time. And today I am bravely having a La Jolla haircut!! Lisi says her hairdresser is very down to earth and will do whatever I want, so here’s hoping…I have to do something - my hair is falling in my eyes, and there are many weeks to go!! Photo will also follow!

    Then tomorrow Ben and Jeannine will come over in the afternoon for a drink, as last chance to see them before we leave. Didn’t properly catch up at Ben’s party so that will be lovely. Then it is a BBQ at the beach club with people we know…also fun.

    Sunday we have a dinner with all of us plus Peter F and Tama!! So will be able to give first hand report! On Tuesday we have a final dinner at a Mexican restaurant- probably won’t have many Mexican meals in France, then we leave on Wednesday.

    I haven’t got photos of Cami and James properly yet…their lives are rather rushed and chaotic, but will definitely get some before we leave. James is as handsome as ever, taller than me and eats like a horse! Mostly meat and rice! Cami is beautiful and also grown - about Lisi’s height I think. Only one rather lovely photo of Lisi and Nico.

    P.S. now back from haircut! Lovely hairdresser, and feel so much better…photo of the new me, plus some photos that I got from Lisi of James and Cami this week, and of James in Panama…AND great shot of Pete and Cathy on Sunday on Pete’s birthday.
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    Cathy Sertori

    Beautiful 😍🥂

    Cathy Sertori

    Gorgeous 🤩🐶

    Cathy Sertori

    Nice haircut 💇‍♀️ Ma xxx

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  • Day26

    Last days in America

    August 24 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Well, in 24 hours we will hopefully be flying to Europe! A slight feeling of stress, as covid certificates etc required, but we have checked in online, and let’s hope all goes smoothly.

    We have had a busy and lovely last few days. On Friday it was the concert - Beethoven by the Bay. Great all Beethoven concert, and the new shell now built is fantastic…and great acoustics. We sat at a table, had a meal and listened…just perfect. And very pleasant weather…last time I remember it was cold, but no wind this night.

    Then on Saturday there was a BBQ at the beach and tennis club. Lots of food and lots of fun with friends of M and L that we now know quite well (as well as you know people who you only see every few years!). We had been going to have a drink with Ben and Jeannine before, but the days got mixed up and Saturday didn’t work for them, nor Sunday for us.

    On Sunday it was a dinner with Peter and Tama, at an Italian restaurant. Very pleasant and drama free! Tama seemed nice, only comment is that she had trouble finding gluten and dairy free food on an Italian menu, and ended up having a salad. She is very skinny.

    Yesterday we ate at home…Michael cut us some beautiful sashimi from the tuna he had caught on his Mexican fishing excursion recently and it was delicious. And Lisi made a very tasty Panamanian dish - pollo con bolo - chicken and corn and many other yum ingredients.

    Amr and I have been walking (and he swimming as well) and hope we are ready and fit for our upcoming serious spell of walking! It is still so humid, but have checked Burgundy and weather there looks delightfully moderate…phew…

    Just about to leave for our last dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Peter F called and said was there a chance for a meeting before we leave, so he will come too, and Amr and I will walk down to his apartment for a drink first and meet M, L and kids at the restaurant at 7.30. Tama is back in Houston.

    And we FaceTime-ed with Sonny for his 5th birthday on Sunday!!

    Tomorrow the adventure begins, and I will post daily!! But may be a bit erratic during the travelling day…
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    Tallie Farrell

    Good luck with the travel day and let us know when you’re in Europe. Let the adventures begin!!

    Denise Allen

    Have a good flight, can’t wait for news from Paris although it sounds the last few weeks have been pretty good.

    Cathy Sertori

    What a flurry of activity before you leave and how wonderful a Beethoven concert (with food)! You’ve met Tama before Paul and me! Safe travels and have a stiff drink on the plane when you get through customs! Xx

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  • Day248

    Vo Santa Cruz bis San Diego

    October 16 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Bi Santa Cruz simmer wieder as Meer! Vo deet us simmer mit em Highway Nr. 1 am Meer entlang südwärts gfahre. S Meer isch wild gsi mit Klippe und Wind. Erst ab Santa Barbara sind den d Welle au zum surfe gsi. Zerst hämmer aber na müse en Neopren chaufe wils Wasser zimli chalt gsi isch!
    Wunderschöni Sunneuntergäng am Meer, Palmestrasse, feins Ässe und schöni Stränd hämmer jede Tag gha 🌴🌊☀️
    In LA hämmer no öper us Ecuador troffe und bi ihre derfe wohne. Unterwegs, im Wasser oder ide Bar hämmer so vill liebi Lüüt kenneglernt.
    Jetzt simmer ready für Mexiko und freued eus uf es wiiters Abentüür 🇲🇽
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  • Day2

    Life in La Jolla

    July 31 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    I had been procrastinating about starting the blog as I feared I’d run into technical problems, and I DID need Amr to find a box to tick to actually start…but now up and running so here goes!

    The leaving of Australia wasn’t as fearsome as we’d feared and all our tests, passports etc were in order ….phew….we had agonised so much and all was well. Cleared US customs so quickly and were driven very luxuriously down to La Jolla, arriving so early that Michael was out having breakfast, anticipating us to arrive an hour or 2 later! All fine - let in by Anita in her dressing gown - the lovely neighbour over the road. So good to see Michael, and Lisi, who had been in Panama with James, arrived in the evening, leaving James socialising with cousins and enjoying Spanish immersion in Panama. So for the moment it is just the 4 of us, like back to the pre children era! Cami is still in Pennsylvania- she has a summer internship with Nanoware. She is doing really well there from all reports, and she returns home on Friday and will have a week to relax with friends before school goes back. James comes back on August 16, just in time for school.

    We have plunged straight into social life here. On Saturday it was Ben’s 40th birthday party. Ben is a Farrell cousin - son of Peter’s sister Keryn. He has been living here for a long time now, originally working for ResMed. He is married to the lovely Jeannine and they have 2 boys Sam 2 and Max 3 months. Lovely afternoon party in the backyard - a whole pig on the spit (or had been!) and yummy food…and then the Olympics were on and Oz did itself proud in the swimming! A great Ben style laidback event!

    Then Sunday a dinner with Damian Vale, a Sertori cousin of Jess, Liv and Ted and the many others in the clan. He has been living and working in the US starting March last year- so he’s had a total covid experience and not seen Australian travellers coming through, or family and probably can’t even return for his sister’s wedding in November….anyway he is a lovely boy (man - he’s 30!) like all the other Vales, and we met at a Japanese restaurant. Peter F also there (he had flown in from Texas, and was at Ben’s party) and of course as usual he brought along a stray person that no one had ever met (Herb, who he had been playing golf with that day!)…he has this infuriating habit of bringing odd people to family occasions…it was a great dinner anyway, and we will see Damian again before we leave.

    Next week Michael and Lisi have a holiday at Whistler from Monday to Friday which will be a lovely break for them, and Amr and I will hold the fort here, with Cami and Nico the dog.

    I had been dreading the summer heat here, but had forgotten how cool La Jolla can be with the sea fog and walking fairly early is very pleasant, especially with the sea breeze. But I had also forgotten how feeling cool doesn’t stop the sun and am a bit sunburnt…stupid, must slather on the cream. But we have maintained our walking ready for France, and Amr also swims in the high school pool daily.

    I think I’ve chatted on too long but this is really an experimental start to make sure everything works! I will add photos, and post more news, but probably not every day while we are here. When we get to France it will certainly be daily! But meanwhile we are SO happy to be here, and are enjoying being with Michael and Lisi.

    Almost forgot to mention that I gave Michael and Amr haircuts!! And so successful we have ordered the clippers to use as we travel!
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    Tallie Farrell

    Ahh this must be Herb!!!

    Cathy Sertori

    Don’t you recognise him 😂

    Amr Marzouk

    I approve of this message!!

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  • Day6

    San Diego - Hafenrundfahrt...

    October 31, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    OMG - Breakfast is on the rooftop!!! 😃👍

    Hafenrundfahrt, Besichtigung des Flugzeugträgers USS Midway, Spaziergang nach Little Italy,...
    ...und Halloween im Gaslamp Quarter....very scary...
    ...wo wir unseren 6. Jahrestag gefeiert haben 😊
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    Katharina Reinisch

    Happy Jahrestag und danke Martin 😘

    Andrea Kitir

    Ja, das stimmt! In memoriam Martin ♥️

    Peggy Berthold

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich zum sechsten Jahrestag 💐🌹

    Silvana Engelhardt

    John hat die Bilder gesehen ....was kam will auch in Urlaub fahren und nun muss eine Schifffahrt mit ihm machen .....

  • Day24

    La Jolla

    October 24 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Da für morgen Regen angesagt ist, haben wir beschlossen, heute auf dem Weg nach San Diego noch einen Abstecher nach La Jolla zu machen.

    Dani konnte mal wieder sein Teleobjektiv einsetzen um die Seelöwen und Seehunde zu fotografieren.

    Zum unterscheiden: Die Seelöwen haben Ohren, während die Seehunde nur Ohrlöcher haben. Ausserdem sind die Flossen der Seelöwen mit Haut überzogen, während die der Seehunde fellüberzogen sind. Die Seehunde robben auf dem Bauch vorwärts und die Seelöwen stützen sich auf ihre Flossen zur Fortbewegung.
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    Edith Kühnis

    zu schön😊😊. guet dörfmr mit de foti au derbi sii😘

    Fredy Kühnis

    das isch e tolli ufnahm

    Corinne Kühnis

    3 Mönet lang isch das mini täglichi Ussicht gsi😍

  • Day5

    Von L.A. nach San Diego

    October 30, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    Sind heute Früh Richtung San Diego aufgebrochen. Im morgendlichen Stau konnten wir noch ausgiebig Downtown (Business District und El Pueblo - das mexikanische Viertel) besichtigen. 😊
    Danach haben wir einen Abstecher nach San Pedro zum Fishermen's Wharf gemacht.
    Anschließend sind wir weitergefahren und haben Long Beach besucht und die Surfer bewundert.
    Über Huntington Beach, Newport Beach und Laguna Beach sind wir zum Dana Point Harbor gekommen, wo das berühmte Zweimaster Segelboot "Pilgrim" vor Anker liegt.
    Weiter gings über San Clemente und Carlsbad nach San Diego. Sind teilweise schon über den Pacific Coast Highway 1 gefahren, der ja von San Diego bis San Francisco geht.
    Es war eine wunderschöne Fahrt bei Sonnenschein und 27 Grad.
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  • Day7

    Balboa Park, Coronado, Mission Beach

    November 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Ein neuer, wunderschöner Tag in San Diego.
    Beim Frühstück auf der Dachterrasse haben wir schon die Sonne begrüßt.
    Unser 1. Ziel war heute der Balboa Park, der riesig ist und in dem es unzählige Museen gibt. Wir haben uns für eines entschieden und das Automotive Museum besucht.
    Danach gings nach Coronado, wo das ehemals größte Hotel der Welt steht. Es wurde 1888 in nur 11 Monaten um 1 Mio Dollar erbaut. Einige Filme wurden hier gedreht und das Hotel hat im Laufe der Jahre unzählige Promis beherbergt.
    Der Abstecher zum Mission Beach hat sich ausgezahlt: Sommer, Sonne, Meer, Surfer, noch einige Sonnenanbeter am Strand, coole Lokale, eisgekühltes Cola und Corona.....easy life 😎

    Im You & Yours, einer Wodka und Gin Destillerie, verabschieden wir uns von San Diego.
    Morgen geht die Reise weiter...
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  • Day8

    A Week Away

    August 6 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Suddenly we realise we’ve been here for a week! Still enjoying and grateful for our freedom, reading what is going on in Oz with what looks like continuing lockdowns - hope you are not going too crazy.

    We’ve had a lovely week….after the social whirl of last weekend, we have quietly been pottering and exercising…we have been checking if we need testing before our flight to Europe, and it seems as if we don’t which makes us very happy, as one clinic that we approached charged US$299 each!! We could have shopped round and found less I’m sure, but it looks as if fully vaccinated it will be fine. (And I believe there are testing places at the airport if an emergency)…anyway, here’s hoping.

    Have been doing a bit of cooking, but last night we went to a fab meat and whisky restaurant - Huntress. Lisi had seen it mentioned online and decided to try it…a great success. We shared an enormous tomahawk beef, and Lisi and I started with an amazing Penang curry lobster soup…wow, just delicious. And tonight we are going to the Country Club for dinner…pretty fantastic life.

    Special events during the week were Jess’s 20th birthday and we had a lovely FaceTime with her. Can’t believe it….And another special event was Peter and Louise became grandmother and step grandfather…Louise’s daughter Emily had a baby girl. Will include a photo of her communing with Emily’s sister Isabella in London!

    Cami is now on her way back to San Diego…arrives late tonight so won’t see her till tomorrow. So she will appear in next post.

    Just writing again to keep it going…nothing dramatic, all good.
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    Olivia Sertori

    That's a lot of meat! 😵

    Olivia Sertori

    Looks delicious!!

    Cathy Sertori

    What a lovely relaxed week! I also love that we are getting news from around the globe too! Congratulations to Louise and Peter, what a precious baby! Xx

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  • Day155

    San Diego

    February 8, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    San Diego - das Ende Kaliforniens. Nicht nur in geographischem Sinne, sondern auch für meinen Aufenthalt. Zum Ende meines Trips in Amerikas Sunshine State mache ich mich mit der Erwartung, ein süßes niedliches Hafenstädtchen vorzufinden, per Bus auf den Weg nach Süden. Wie das so ist mit den Erwartungen, kommt mal wieder alles anders als man denkt: San Diego lässt sich mit vielen schönen Attributen beschreiben, süß und niedlich gehören aber nicht dazu. Ich befinde mich in einer 1,4 Mio. Einwohner Metropole, nach LA die nächstgrößte Stadt Kaliforniens und sogar die achtgrößte der USA! (Nur New York, LA, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia und San Antonio sind noch größer).
    Es geht überraschend weiter als ich "nur mal schnell" den Park in der Nähe meines Hostels besuchen möchte, der sich als gigantische Anlage mit Zoo, Botanischem sowie Japanischem Garten, spanischer Alcazar, mehreren Museen und sogar mit einer eigenen Tram entpuppt. So gehen dann auch schon die ersten Stunden vorbei und für das Mittagessen gibt es kaum einen passenderen Ort als Little Italy in Downtown. Von dort gelangt man direkt weiter in den Hafendistrikt, wo die beeindruckende USS Midway liegt, ein riesiger Flugzeugträger mit über 300 Meter Länge, der mich sofort wieder an Pearl Harbor denken lässt. Mit der Fähre geht es nun rüber nach Coronado, einer traumhaften Halbinsel innerhalb der Bucht, mit dem beeindruckenden und gigantischen Hotel del Coronado, dessen gesamte Anlage ein ganzes Dorf zu sein scheint und welches im Stile eines imposanten Dysneyschlosses daraus emporragt. Die symmetrisch angelegten Straßen geben das klassische amerikanische Vorstadt-Klischee à la desperate housewives wieder mit akkuraten Vorgärten, hübschen Häuschen und grünem Mittelstreifen auf der Straße.
    Nach Sonnenuntergang und zurück im Hafen geht es noch in das niedliche Gaslamp Quarter, das eher schon verspielt französisch wirkt und dort neben einer Bar mit Livemusik spontan noch in eine Comedyshow.
    Für den nächsten Tag plane ich vor meiner Abreise noch einen entspannten Tag am Pazifik ein, habe dort auch eine Unterkunft in perfekter Lage gefunden und was erwartet mich in der für sonniges Wetter bekannten Küstenstadt? Richtig, Regen. Ich habe einen der nicht mal 30 Regentage pro Jahr erwischt und verbringe daher meinen Tag mit aller mitgeführten langen Kleidung vor dem provisorischen Heizer in dem doch etwas zugigen Strandhüttchen und warte auf meine Abreise am nächsten Morgen. Dennoch war das Wochenende in San Diego die Reise wert und stellt für mich einen gelungen Abschluss Kaliforniens dar.
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