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  • Day74

    Monastery of Jeronimos - Belem

    March 14, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

    Our beautiful sunny days were replaced by Storm Giselle that was causing heavy rain and strong winds throughout Portugal, prompting the weather office to issue a severe weather advisory. By noon the rain and wind had lessened so we set out on our day trip to the suburb of Belém. The bus stop was a 5 minute walk and within 45 minutes we were in Belém.

    The 15th century King erected the Monastery as a thank you for the discoveries made by the Portuguese explorers. Prior to this, the sailors would spend their last night in prayer in a small chapel before heading out on the frightening voyages. Monks often accompanied the sailor/pirates on their trading/pillaging trips hoping they could convert these heathens to Christianity. They also often financed the expeditions.

    The Monastery was massive. We’ve seen many cathedrals on this trip and they are often similar in design but unique as well. Admission was only €5, which was the half-price rate for seniors. Portugal has not price-gouged tourists as we feel the entrance fees have been very reasonable, especially with the much appreciated senior discount.
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