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  • Day14

    Louvre Paris

    November 15, 2017 in France ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    Finally! We found Point Zero! We've been in this area for days already and have walked past many times...but today, we found it! We knew it was around, and as we were looking we noticed a tour group standing in a circle we peeked in...and voila! There it was. The famous Point Zero...the centre of Paris...right in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral! We must've walked past it 20 times already!

    We spent most of the day exploring as we slowly made our way over to the Louvre. We stopped at the famous Berthillon for ice cream....trying a lime basil flavour...and chocolate of course for Morgan! (We much prefer both the ice cream and the service at Amorino). We tried to stop at the Sainte-Chapelle cathedral on our way, but were too late for entry. They close early.

    We carried on to the Louvre. It's beautiful here! I know, it's a little crazy, but we didn't really have any interest to go inside the Louvre....instead just explored the outside. It was great. I couldn't imagine taking the kids inside...I don't think it would be very enjoyable trying to keep them quiet and chasing them around. I like to use them as an excuse, but really, the thought of spending all that money to look at art history that I don't know anything be honest...quite boring to me. But exploring the outside was great! There was a wedding model shoot going on. It was pretty cool to watch. There were street musicians playing "Let it Go" on violins....amazingly beautiful. The girls had to dance to it of course! They had a great time interacting with the musicians.

    After the Louvre, we started randomly walking...the best way to explore! We found a fun wooden foot bridge to cross the river, and just as we were crossing, the Eiffel Tower starting sparkling in the night sky! It was SO beautiful! I'm not sure if it twinkles every night, maybe at a certain time, but that was the only time we saw it sparkling! So lucky to have seen it.

    We knew we were heading in the right direction to eventually get back to the hotel, but we didn't realize we had walked past our hotel somehow! We ended up at the Odeon Theatre....Luxembourg Gardens....yikes! That's quite the trek! There was a very happy ending to this excursion!! We stumbled upon a Lebanese street food restaurant (Chez Le Libanais) and had the most delicious shawarma was so good, that Jay even ran out again after the girls were in bed to get us some more!! A delicious end to a fun day!
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