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  • Day15

    Catacombs Paris

    November 16, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Today was Jay's day. He's really wanted to go to the Catacombs, ever since arriving. I, on the other hand, feel contaminated and soaked in germs and grime just thinking about it! And I'm not too sure if it's very appropriate for the little explorers....but I went...just for him....haha.

    Our day started off with a VERY expensive "buffet" breakfast in the basement of our hotel. "Buffet" meaning, one thing for each of meat piece of cheese...haha. It was a cute basement area, almost cave like....but the food was not worth the price.

    We took the train to the Catacombs...I'm not sure how, but as navigator...I admit...I somehow had us exit one stop too early! So we had to walk quite a ways....through a tent city!! It was a very educational walk for Morgan, who had many questions about the tents and the area. She wasn't afraid, she wasn't judgemental, she was just...curious. I was very proud of her. She addressed her curiosity with great questions and showed concern for the residents, as it is quite chilly at night at this time of year. They do say that it's not usually this cold, but we lucked out and came during an unusual cold

    It was quite a wait once we found the catacombs...we are lucky we were as early as we were. The line quadrupled behind us!! We only had to wait about 35 minutes to get in as we didn't buy tickets in advance. Another 130 steps...this time going down underground. Wow...another different and so interesting. The girls loved exploring the tunnels and the catacombs. Morgan had many questions and was interested in the history and origin of the area. The history is quite fascinating. We spent about an hour underground, then resurfaced near a bakery selling "skull" meringue! Delicious!

    Instead of walking through the tent city again...haha...we opted for the closer train station this time!
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