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  • Day14

    First evers

    May 7, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We were like kids in a chocolate shop, set free to sample the different shapes, sizes, colours and smells… and no parents watching! What freedom! What delight! Worry about tooth decay later!

    These are some of the 'first time evers' for both Sheree and I…
    walked upon a frozen lake
    came within metres of a grizzly bear in the wild
    came within metres to a black bear in the wild
    saw our very first hummingbird [small yet magnificent]
    drove an RV on the RH side of the road
    ate poutine [an eastern Canadian cheese and potato delicacy]
    gazing at the tallest mountain in the Rockies [rarely cloudless, ‘xept for us]
    seeing the largest river system on the west coast of Canada [Fraser River]
    walked to the top of a snow-covered mountain
    sat for an hour in a mountain valley… and listened to silence
    celebrated the arrival of our fourth grandchild [our Seattle bubba!]

    So often it’s not till you stop that you realise how special these moments have been. For our firsts we are thankful. And we share them with you… not to boast… but to encourage you to take the blessings in front of you and celebrate your socks off!!
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