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  • Day1

    Alone in Uganda

    November 4, 2019 in Uganda ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Today my family left me in Uganda. I left mum, Zeph and Caleb back at the apartment at around 9 to head to downtown Kampala to see Aggrey and get taken to Suubi to start working in the medical centre there. Mum was quite obviously going to miss me for the 2 weeks I'm away while Zeph and Caleb didn't obviously show it, but I'm sure they will deep down. Jose, Dad, Oggs and I drove to downtown and met Aggrey there, we had a quick coffee and I had a long hug from Oggs while saying 'why are you leaving me?' Which I suppose was almost cute..! Aggrey and I drove to Suubi to start the 2 week adventure I'm going to have. I quickly met the doctor and the nurse working at the medical centre and was shown around. Before I knew it I was in the treatment room being told that today I'd learn how to fit a cannula! Half thinking she just means I'd know the process, not actually having to do one. But I got eased into it, first I gave the medication through the cannula, and watched 2 being done. Then after the third time of watching Ruth, the nurse, said the next one is mine 😬. And so it was, under supervision I put my first cannula into a patient, and, not to brag, I succeeded first time! I then had to set the drip up for this person and walk them into the ward to rest with their drip in. That concluded my first day at the medical centre and it's fair to say they allowed me to do slightly more than I'd be allowed to do in the UK! It was back to the apartment to rest and eat dinner with Felisha, who's the other person staying here at the moment. We planned what the hundreds of kids were going to do at children's church on Sunday. Then to bed to get some much needed rest for the next day.

    I really appreciate all the people praying for me while I'm here, thank you all so much!
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