• Day5

    Is this our Bangkoking hotel?!?!

    January 4, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C


    We got in to Bangkok the usual hour or so late! Bloody Thai time is very irritating!

    We got a Tuk Tuk to take us to the hotel which hammy had booked for us.... We didn't actually know where it was as there were several hotels with the same name so we gambled.

    We got to this smashing hotel with this fancy pants entrance and a one way system and glass everywhere and more bell boys than you can shake a chicken on a stick at.

    We tentatively ask at reception if there is a reservation under noble. She looks at us puzzled (presumably because we look like beggars with my free t-shirt and noblets rug on his face).... And the smell. We're convinced we're at the wrong place its too awesome.... Especially as the woman is being so weird and taking ages... She's like, follow me please. To the 32nd floor where you'll check in!

    We're like waaaaat?!

    Get upstairs in the fastest lift ever, willy Wanka eat your heart out!! Then We're sat, overlooking the city, with a glass of fresh orange in a bloody executive suite WTF has just happened?!?!? Omg it's amazing!

    The woman checks us in, explains about 'complimentary' (why not say free its well more exciting!) breakfast and FREE HAPPY HOUR!!!

    hammy you legend!

    We got to the room and there were rose petals scattered everywhere as well as flowers, cake with 'happy honeymoon' a card from Dave (love Dave) more flowers fruit and champagne. Obvs on the 32nd floor BUZZING BUZZING BUZZING!!!!!!

    What did we do with the rose petals.... I shouldn't say.... But I will... We fell asleep straight on top of them. Woke up just in time for happy hour. All drinks included..... And a full buffets worth of food including a bloody cheese platter this day keeps getting better and better!!!


    Man: Noblet for knowing hammy! Eating his food all these years clearly paid off!

    Donkey: Charlie for not knowing where our hotel was before we travelled to another freaking country AGAIN!
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