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  • Day24


    November 14, 2019 in Bhutan ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    After a long day, we decide to interact with the locals. For Dianne and Liz that means shopping and for Alan and me it means walking without purpose. I have a camera with me and snap a picture of a traffic cop who looks like he likes his job. Pretty zen fellow. As this is happening, the solar powered dogs come alive. It’s a commotion that draws my attention. What the local mutts are pissed about is some uppity dog riding in the back of a truck. There is a gang of them surrounding the truck barking, some standing on hind legs looking into the truck bed. The dog in the truck is no ordinary dog either. It’s a St. Bernard, with a very deep woof, when it deems to speak. The sound of this woof gets the local mutts on an even rowdier splurge. Who does he think he is riding in that truck and all while the rest of us have to paw and limp our way around here like paupers? Eventually 3 monks arrive at the vehicle, get in and drive away with the St Bernard giving one last in your face woof to the chagrin of the solar dog gang. As all this is going on, the traffic cop stayed focused on his job, directing traffic. Never distracted.Read more


    Looks like the St. Bernard could eat one of those mutts for breakfast.